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Now Microsoft is banning police from using its facial recognition tech, too

Microsoft wants” a national law in place ground in international human rights” to govern the use of facial recognition tech before it will sell these new technologies to the police. This week has been a big one for facial approval report. First, IBM announced this is gonna be get out of the facial recognition tools […]

Location tracking to combat COVID-19 may not be accurate enough to be effective, says ACLU

Using location data to combat the coronavirus pandemic invokes privacy concerns, and it might not even be situations where effective. The use of location tracking to combat the novel coronavirus–by checking to see if beings are maintaining a safe distance from each other, for example–has gained friction in recent weeks. Three weeks ago, it was […]

Indian police are using facial recognition to identify protesters in Delhi

While primarily used to help find missing babes, the application is now being deployed to pinpoint people protest at a new citizenship law. Facial recognition is becoming more common, sounding up in airfields, concert venues, and even faiths. With the increasing presence of information and communication technologies comes increased concerns about its privacy perils, extremely […]

Uber loses its license to operate in London

But Ubers will continue to operate in the city as the company requests the move. Uber has lost its license to operate its ride-hailing service in London, the Guardian reports. The city’s transportation regulator, Transport for London, said Uber was afflicted by a” decoration of defaults ,” which led to its decision. One of those […]

This bubble wrap-inspired sweater uses air to trap your body heat and keep you warm

Activewear brand Nobull has designed a sweater with cutting-edge technology that uses air bubbles to help your body retain heat. Nobull’s founders, Reebok veterans Marcus Wilson and Michael Schaeffer, launched their activewear firm in 2015 to create instructors that would withstand the rigours of a Crossfit workout, which tend to quickly wear out the average […]

What this fashion hackathon tells us about the future of luxury fashion

Online retailer Moda Operandi just had its firstly hackathon. The winners tell us about what we can expect from fad in the near future. Moda Operandi is an eight-year-old startup best known for bringing decorators’ part collections to customers before they propel. The company has replenished its leadership team with technology professionals, including a CEO […]

Traveling abroad? Google Maps will now tell your taxi driver where your hotel is in their own language

With Map’s new text-to-speech feature, you no longer have to look like an brainles drawn attention to an app to tell your motorist where you want to go. Google Maps is introducing a cool piece this month that are able to meet steering a foreign country where you don’t is talking about local communication easier. […]

Kanye just unveiled a new foam sneaker made from algae

Onstage at the Fast Company Innovation Festival, West showed off a brand-new form of shoe that is emblematic of his pattern brand’s moves toward sustainability and manufacturing in the U.S. Kanye’s latest Yeezy sneaker is cleared in part from algae as part of the brand’s move toward sustainability. Onstage at the Fast Company Innovation Festival […]

Every iPhone user should check out Apple’s updated privacy website today

The redesigned site compiles it much easier for Apple’s users to see how the company’s concoctions are protecting its useds’ data relating to a machine, assistance, and app rank. It’s probably a given by now that if you accompany “privacy” with any major tech company, that corporation is probably going to be Apple. The company’s […]

How do you create company culture? VC Ben Horowitz says it starts from day one

At Fast Company’s Innovation Festival, venture capitalist Ben Horowitz explained how he learned about building culture from onetime convict Shaka Senghor. Last week, the new notebook What You Do Is Whom you by venture capitalist and tycoon Ben Horowitz thumped shelves, a distinct look at how lessons learned from some surprising chairmen can help transform […]

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