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Archive Tag: microsoft

Microsoft Office gets mouse and trackpad support for the iPad

As promised, Microsoft announced that it has added full trackpad and mouse expressed support for the iPadOS version of Microsoft 360. That includes Word, Excel and PowerPoint, observing another important step in Apple’s longstanding push to blur the line between tablet and desktop, shaping iPads more well-rounded productivity machines. Apple laid the foundation back in […]

This Clever Gizmo Lets You ‘Feel’ Objects In Virtual Reality

One of the problems with virtual reality is that you don’t actually get to “feel” the objects you touch. This meaning that while visually the experience is immersive, there are still some shortcomings to the technology overall that still gives you feel the unplug between what you’re seeing and what you’re feeling. However, Microsoft has […]

Microsoft introduces monthly financing plan for its new Xbox consoles

Monthly financing isn’t an entirely new idea in all countries of the world of Xbox. Microsoft offered a same plan for the Xbox One S a few years ago. The idea is pretty simple: money a monthly fee for hardware and software for two years until you outright own the maneuver. What’s new now, nonetheless, […]

Osso VR raises $14 million to bring virtual reality to surgical and medical device training

It seems that distance learning is even coming for the healthcare industry. As remote work becomes the order of the day in the COVID-1 9 epoch, any implement that can bring training and education services to kinfolks across manufactures is gaining a huge amount of investor interest — and that includes healthcare. Virtual reality implements […]

It’s game on as Unity begins trading

Unity Software, which sells a game growth toolkit principally for mobile phone app developers, invoked $1.3 billion in its initial public offering. The company, which will begin trading today with the ticker emblem “U,” priced its shares at the top end of its expected array, selling 25 million shares at $52 per share. The company’s […]

LA gets a big SAAS exit as Fastly nabs the Culver City-based Signal Sciences for $775M

Los Angeles was always more than a one industry town, even when it comes to technology startups, but media and recreation( and social networking) were always the large-hearted depicts in tinseltown. Now the city’s enterprise tech scene can claim a really big winner with Signal Sciences, the security monitoring and management company that is getting […]

Microsoft Word Can Now Transcribe Audio

Reporters and writers rely on audio recording tools and gadgets especially during press occasions or interviews. This allows them the chance to go back and listen to the recordings and write things down, but it can be a bit tedious especially if the interrogation is long, and rewinding and forwarding can take up a lot […]

Ever, once accused of building facial recognition tech using customer data, shuts down consumer app

Cloud photo storage app Ever is been closed down, citing greater competition with the default services offered by Apple and Google as the crusade. The company, however, had other issues beyond the plight of a small startup trying to compete with tech heavyweights. Last year, NBC News reported the company had been using its clients’ […]

Apple goes to war with the gaming industry

Most gamers may not view Apple as a games company to the same degree that they envision Sony with PlayStation or Microsoft with Xbox, but the iPhone-maker continues to uniformly drive the industry with decisions fixed in the Apple App Store. The company acquired the report a pair times late this week for App Store […]

New bidders reportedly emerge for TikTok in the US as powerful critics assail the process

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that TikTok and Twitter have held talks about a potential uniting, even as the video sharing busines attacks itself against President Donald Trump’s pressure to pressure the sale of the business or potentially ban it. As the internationally assigned video stream edition of Chinese technology developer Bytedance’s social media […]

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