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Netflix has started offering potential paying readers in Kenya access to some of its content at no rate. The streaming service has propelled a free rank in the country that presents around one-fourth the content available to paying readers. It “havent been” ads and won’t even ask for payment information upon sign-up — a new […]

‘Finch’ trailer sees man, machine and dog try to flee climate change

Apple offered a brief glimpse of the Tom Hanks-led Finch at its most recent iPhone 13 start occurrence, and now you can watch the firstly full trailer for the upcoming sci-fi film. The time specifies the stage for the tale that follows. A solar flare knocked out most of the technology on Earth and left […]

Facebook hands over VR painting and animation app Quill to its creator

Facebook has handed over virtual reality explain and animation implement Quill to Inigo Quilez, private developers who generated the app. Quilez has constituted a company called Smoothstep and rebranded the tool as Quill by Smoothstep, which is now on the Oculus Store. The original Quill app will be removed from the Oculus Store on October […]

As 5G demand grows, Sitenna helps telcos find more cell tower locations, faster

The buildout of 5G systems continues apace, with wide-scale deployments across much of the developing countries. Yet, one of the largest challenges with closing the gaps in coverage maps are limitations on 5G transmissions. Because of the spectrum that 5G technology utilizes compared to 4G, telecom motorists need to install many times more towers to […]

Facebook is reportedly mulling a commission to advise on elections

Facebook is considering forming a commission to advise on thorny issues related to global referendums, according to a report Wednesday from The New York Times. The firm has begun to approach academics and program experts, who The Times says could potentially weigh in on issues roam from political ads to election misinformation. What’s more, it […]


Music publishers have been on a spend spree in recent years, buying the catalogs and copyrights for songs of acclaimed musicians at a frenetic gait. Last-place December, Universal Music Publishing Group bought up Bob Dylan’s entire discography in a deal estimated at more than $ 300 million. Similarly, Stevie Nicks sold an 80 percent share […]

Four new games land on… the Atari Lynx

If you’re a retro gamer, it’s hard-boiled not to ignore the Atari Lynx. The first hue hand-held it might perhaps be, but its small-time library of competitions( under 100 official names) and general mishandling by Atari itself earned it little more than a walk-on role in gaming record for most people. As such, the homebrew […]

Taliban content is the latest issue for social media companies

While Facebook and Twitter are already struggling to handle vaccine misinformation and extremism, there’s an increased focus on how social networks are handling Taliban-related content, following America’s sudden withdrawal from Afghanistan. The activist radical has hurriedly befallen Afghanistan’s civilian authority, taking control of the capital Kabul in only a few epoches, far sooner than intellect […]

Facebook gets VR meetings right with Horizon Workrooms

Am I a weirdo for liking in-person meetings? Sure, they can go on too long, be scheduled far too often and confuse from your core employment. But even before the pandemic work them an strange storage, I ever enjoyed the power of being in a chamber with other people, determining the same imaginative wavelength, working […]

IMDb TV lands on Xfinity Flex and X1 set-top boxes

There’s another way to access IMDb TV as of today. Amazon’s free, ad-supported streaming service is now available on Comcast’s Xfinity Flex and Xfinity X1 set-top boxes. As with other apps, you can access IMDb TV utilize the Xfinity Voice Remote. Along with a batch of original proves, a assortment of popular third-party TV series […]

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