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This Guitar Pedal Can Be Controlled Using Your Smartphone

If you’re a guitar musician, then there’s a very good chance you might own various pedals. These pedals, for those unfamiliar, improve guitar musicians create and adjust their guitar’s hubbubs to their liking, whether it be adding a crunchy aberration, a fluffy overdrive, or the wah tone of a face-melting guitar solo, these pedals cure […]

Financial institutions can support COVID-19 crowdfunding campaigns

Scott Purcell Contributor Share on Twitter Scott Purcell is the CEO and foreman trust officer of Prime Trust, an inventive API-enabled B2B open-banking business mixtures provider. The financial wallop of the COVID-1 9 pandemic adversely affected the financial outlook for millions of people, and continues to cause significant fiscal distress to millions more, but such […]

5 resources Black entrepreneurs can leverage to build and grow

Delali Dzirasa Contributor Share on Twitter Delali Dzirasa is CEO and founder of Fearless, a full-stack digital services conglomerate in Baltimore, MD with a mission to create software with a someone — tools that empower communities and make a difference. Building a business is hard; about 50% of businesses fail in the first five years. […]

Joue targets novice musicians with its latest crowdfunded instrument

I wrote about Joue back in January, right before the company participated in( and earned) our Ces pitch-off. The corporation was one of a handful of crowdfunded musical instrument startups at the show that were really worth getting provoked about. This week, the French startup is opening the campaign for Play, a more user-friendly version […]

Nebia’s co-founder talks about finding product/market fit

Finding the liberty commodity/ marketplace fit is challenging for any company, but it’s just a little harder for hardware startups. I recently saw the San Francisco roles of Nebia to chitchat with co-founder and CEO Philip Winter, whose eco-friendly hardware startup has received funding from Apple CEO Tim Cook, onetime Google CEO Eric Schmidt and […]

Crowdfunded hardware startups are breathing fresh life into music making

I love music. Seriously, it’s one of the few things that imparts succour in this cold, lonely world-wide. Want to go deep on Joni Mitchell, William Onyeabor or Pablo Casals? I’m game. Yes, I labor at multiple record supermarkets times before TechCrunch. Yes, I will always be that guy. What I will never be, however, […]

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