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Commission Bullseye is a Wordpress plugin that lets you place geo targeted content on your blog.  Display Amazon ads for multiple countries, show certain content or ads to targeted locations and more. 

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This “nanowood” could revolutionize desalinization

Scientists fantasize a new filter made from wood could make it easier to make clean drinking water from the ocean. If you live on the coast in an area prone to drought–say, Los Angeles or parts of India–there’s a good chance that as climate change progresses, your community may begin to rely more on desalination […]

This chatbot is designed to help disaster-relief organizations quickly offer help

Direct Relief developed the bot to answer questions on Facebook after recognise its response time was going dangerously high-pitched. Now it’s stirring the technology available to anyone who needs it. After Hurricane Harvey struck Texas in mid-2 017 , nonprofit Direct Relief encountered its own customer service disaster. The humanitarian aid group, which delivers medical […]

Google is making a new commitment to sustainable design

The company announced today that by 2022, all” Made by Google” makes will be covered by recycled materials. And that’s just part of a larger rethinking about how to change its design process to incorporate sustainable thinking. When Google’s hardware squad began working on a yet-to-be-announced product that will be launched last-minute this year, one […]

We can build our cities for e-commerce, we just need to repurpose our parking lots

They’re gloom, desolate, and often dirty–it can be hard to think of subterranean parking garages as anything other than concrete barrens. But what if these cramped, forgotten openings were actually untapped gems of real estate properties? With the rise of large-hearted data, IoT, and connected automobiles, the parking industry is undergoing dramatic transformation, and investors […]

We have the tech to suck CO2 from the air–but can it suck enough to make a difference?

Carbon capture technology-which aids fight climate change by removing radiations that are already in the air-could be a key part of the climate answer, if it grows fast enough and doesn’t time become an excuse to exhale more. In a province on the outskirts of Huntsville, Alabama, monstrous fans roosted on top of a shipping […]

Dehydration makes these snacks a food-waste solution of the future

With its exclusive drying technology, Treasure8 suctions the sweat from fruit, vegetables, and food scraps that would otherwise go to waste and alters them into next-generation snacks. Ground Rules chips have the snappy, crunchy composition you might expect from biting into a potato chip from a greasy luggage, but the affinities pretty much end there. […]

This fully biodegradable “leather” is welded together from waste

Mirum is the latest entry in the attempt to make a cheap, sustainable cow-free leather. Vegan leather shoes are typically made from plastics like polyurethane-so even though they might avoid the carbon footprint and animal welfare issues of raising cattle, they aren’t exactly environmentally friendly. Even plant-based leather normally exerts plastic resin or glue to […]

Take a look at the vision for the world’s first 3D-printed neighborhood

Housing nonprofit New Story is completing plans to 3D publish houses in the developed. Here’s what they could look like. This summer, massive 3D printers will begin building homes in the world’s first community of its nature-designed not for the usual early adopters of technology but for some of the world’s poorest people, who currently […]

These 20 social enterprises and nonprofits just won Google’s AI Impact Challenge

From improving fire department response times to moving illegal logging, these organizations are using artificial intelligence in innovative ways to drive influence. Now they’ll get a technological enhance from Google. As the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning ripens in the business world,” we’re not understanding it as much in the social sphere ,” […]

These are the top 20 cities for biking in the U.S.

Based on ingredients from how many beings travel to how fast the bike networks are expanding, Boulder, Colorado, is the best place to commute on two wheels. In Boulder, Colorado, where people are around 20 times more likely to bike to work than the average American, the city has spent decades improving a system of […]

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