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We need this rule to keep foreign-born founders in the U.S.

Why the resurrected International Entrepreneur Rule would be good for American business and competitiveness. Immigrant entrepreneurs have played a remarkably outsized capacity in the growth of the U.S. economy. More than half of the country’s billion-dollar startups were founded by immigrants, and 80% implement migrants in a conduct character or in core product design. Consider […]

Scientists have uncovered the mystery of where baby green sea turtles spend their ‘lost years’

Where young sea turtles grew up was a scientific mystery until tracking technology learnt them floating on rugs of seaweed in the Sargasso Sea. The new knowledge could help governments protect the species before it disappears. The Sargasso Sea, a patch of the North Atlantic due east of the southeastern U.S. coast, has been cemented […]

Introducing Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas honorees for 2021

These business rose to the enormous challenges of a world-changing year. For five years, Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas Awards have recognized companies and organizations addressing the world’s most intractable difficulties through technology, discipline, intend, finance, education, and philanthropy. Our WCI coverage is an annual gala of human ingenuity and excitement, one of our most […]

These new air conditioners are designed to fight the looming cooling crisis

Global air conditioner use is expanding faster than we are adding new renewables to the grid. The champions of the Global Cooling Prize have a solution: AC with five times lower atmosphere impact. We are in a vicious cycle when it comes to climate control: The hotter the world countries comes, the more people want […]

Of course, there are now carbon offsets for NFTs

The Weeknd’s recent NFT drop probably radiated the same amount of carbon as 86 transatlantic flights. But a new service says it can mitigate the effects of your next nonfungible purchase. Based on recent developments unfathomable to anyone born before 1990, it appears that people want to pay millions of dollars for digital images. Saving […]

Once we have lab-grown meat, will we still need animal advocacy?

Technological innovation has a role to play in advancing moral progress, but so do ethical arguments. Cell-cultured meat–that is, real meat arise from animal cadres rather than slaughtered animals, also referred to as “cell-based meat,” ” cultured meat ,” and” grew meat ,” among other names–is having a moment. In 2016, San Francisco startup Memphis […]

Ady Barkan was one of the most powerful activists in 2020. Here’s how he changes hearts and minds

Activist, generator, and lawyer Ady Barkan is fighting for progressive programmes while battling ALS. One of the most powerful articulates throughout the 2020 election repetition is accountable to a gentleman who lost his ability to speak. Diagnosed with the neurodegenerative disease ALS in 2016, 37 -year-old lawyer and organizer Ady Barkan abuses a wheelchair and […]

The 10 most exciting world-changing ideas of 2020

From new masks to four-day workweeks to cancelling rent to genetically altered mosquitoes, here are the ideas that blew our spirits this year. Despite the deep tragedies of 2020, it was also a year of hope. Behind the daily charge of the pandemic was the learning that scientists were working at record hurrying to make […]

This startup turns food waste into new brands

By offering developing farmers simple engineering to preserve their pastures and a delivery quantity order, Agricycle composes new marketplaces for farmers. For female farmers proliferating mangos or pineapples in Kenya or Uganda, one of the most important jobs challenges is simply getting food to customers: Without be made available to chilled storage or efficient transportation, […]

United Airlines is making major investments in carbon sequestration

It’s going to be a long time before airliners can fly without emissions. So to start offsetting its footprint, United is helping scale up direct aura captivate, tech that sucks carbon from the air. As the world moves toward a zero-carbon economy, the airline industry faces significant challenges: They make enormous amounts of emission on […]

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