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Archive Tag: impact

Does capitalism need a radical redesign to become more inclusive?

Designer Nina Montgomery gives up three innovation challenges for chairmen who say they want to broaden the purpose of business. At the beginning of the month, the leading role of the World Economic Forum declared that Milton Friedman was wrong. The purpose of business, they said, is no longer to maximize shareholder revenues above all […]

The next decade will reshape how we think of technology accessibility

Technology has allowed for gigantic paces in disorder accessibility, from improved voice-to-text serves to apps that connect person with a virtual deputy, but experts say there’s still a lot of work to be done. As more and more of our lives are spent in the digital macrocosm, it’s important that that nature is accessible to […]

How Carnegie Mellon helped transform Pittsburgh into a smart city playground

Innovations include smart trash cans, traffic lights, and snow plows In Pittsburgh, public trash cans aren’t just collecting litter—they’re also gathering data. This summer, the city completed installation of 1,200 smart garbage cans that use sensors to alert sanitation workers when they’re almost full. The city expects them to cut hours spent on litter collection […]

How self-driving car tech could help drones monitor power lines to prevent wildfires

California has more than 150,000 miles of overhead power lines. Hums searching for downed indications could scrutinize the system a lot faster than human counterparts and alert crew to where they’re needed. Last year, California had its most destructive and deadliest wildfire time on record. Increasingly cool, warm, and breezy weather conditions operated by climate […]

To build cities that survive climate change, we should emulate Earth’s first creatures

Some of the earliest life on Earth were microbes that built towers of limestone, vacating the lower levels as the spray rose around them. What if metropolis today did the same as the seas rose? Human innovation has long been inspired by other animals, from the mad thistle flora that spurred the invention of Velcro […]

These simple packets fight food waste by miraculously keeping fruit from going bad

Hazel’s little sachets block ethylene, the chemical that ripens fruit, drastically prolonging their own lives as they’re carried across the country. This tiny sachet the size of a carbohydrate container can be placed in a container of fresh fruit and it becomes the display last roughly three times longer than normal. The technology, from a […]

What “impact” means to these business leaders

Members of Fast Company’s Impact Council talk about remember globally, behaving locally, attempting diverse input, and patrons first. Late last year, when Fast Company sought to come up with the refer for a new leadership group made up of benefactors, inventive managers, and inventive businessperson, one word immediately came to mind: “impact.” The expression accurately […]

This network of microphones listens for the chainsaws of illegal loggers in the rainforest

Rangers can only be in so many sits at once, but this new technology can alert them to where deforestation is taking place. On a red-hot period this spring, Topher White hiked into the Rio Canande Reserve in Ecuador, abused a slingshot-like device to fling a line high up into a tree, and started descending […]

Social equity must be central to urban tech innovations

The lesson to learn from so many tech acts that have selected protest: social equity must become primary to every project that sounds data-hungry tech to deliver citizen services. Sidewalk Labs, the urban innovation arm of Alphabet, had grand aspirations to create a prototype smart city in Toronto, fitted with a smart electricity grid, underground […]

These invisible barcodes make plastic more likely to be recycled

By making it possible for recycling facilities to quickly scan a bottle or parcel and learn what it’s made of and where it’s from, this new tech could reach recycling more efficient and accurate. Today, when you recycle a plastic container, it goes to a material recovery facility, where it must be identified and sorted. […]

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