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Archive Tag: impact

We need major air-conditioner innovation to keep us cool without warming the planet

Building more efficient AC and refrigerators could avoid the equivalent of eight years of world releases over the next four decades. Climate change is causing our planet to get warmer and warmer, and as we all crank up our air conditioners in response to sweltering temperatures, we’re actually degenerating global warming, paradoxically impelling it more […]

Citizen journalists are documenting COVID in the world’s conflict zones to stop disinformation

In conflict zones, forge story is rife. A new project consumes citizen columnists to report vital coronavirus legends and technological sciences to help identify misleading sources of information. Before the pandemic even thumped, 2.8 million Syrians were in need of humanitarian need in Idlib, the current epicenter of the Syrian humanitarian crisis. But, the onset […]

Zero-touch technology could make it safe to use elevators and ATMs again

So much of our life involves buttons and touchscreens, but what if you didn’t need to touch them? It still isn’t clear how easily the coronavirus spreads on surfaces–the CDC says that it’s possible to become infected by impressive a virus-covered surface and then touching your face, though it’s” not believe to be the primary […]

These hungry superworms happily munch through plastic

A superworm can eat about eight times more than other plastic-ingesting insects. Recycling seems like a simple cure for our plastic craving: is taking the plastic we have and make it into new items. But problems abound. Current technology mainly causes plastic of a lower caliber than it was before, countless types of plastic aren’t […]

This ‘quantum dot’ tech helps grow more plants by making sunlight more powerful

Indoor farms can grow more meat than studies by abusing special recipes of LED brightness to generate more embed growth. These technologies causes a regular greenhouse achieve the same effect. Inside the sprawling warehouses where some indoor farming startups develop meat under artificial light-footed, custom” glowing recipes” adjust the color of LEDs to help floras […]

‘Track your ballot like a package’: How technology will smooth the way for November’s mail-in ballot surge

As numerous moods are rushing to implement brand-new systems to protect voters from COVID-1 9 show, they’re turning now to systems to help ensure people’s access to the ballot doesn’t get lost in the mail. As part of a cord of voting laws signed by Virginia Governor Ralph Northam in mid-April, the territory became the […]

These 3D-printable add-ons can make home goods more accessible

The collaboration between McCann and Ikea heightens home furnishings for the disabled. About 15% of the “worlds population” has some kind of people with disabilities. Eldar Yusupov is a Tel Aviv, Israel-based copywriter with cerebral palsy, and in 2017 he happened to mention to his leaders at McCann that the low-spirited height of the part […]

The coronavirus crisis will speed the end of shareholder primacy

This moment in time has realigned the values of society and business, paving the behavior for stakeholder capitalism, writes Nasdaq’s global head of timber engagement. We will not know the lasting effects of COVID-1 9 on the global business community for some time, but the immediate influence has taught us many lessons about globalism, invention, […]

The massive environmental impact of the U.S.’s constant readiness for war

A new volume examines the long-term costs of always refreshing our warships and fighter jets, and what happens to the ones we get rid of. The United States wastes more on national defense than the next seven-highest spending countries blended, and much of that plan goes toward the quest to be ever-ready for war. Our […]

Schools are prepping for coronavirus quarantines by leaning into remote learning

The potential for long-term school closes is boosting edtech companies–though some closed institutions are just applying Google Hangouts. When a high school student at Jackson High School in Washington State tested positive for the brand-new coronavirus, the school became one of the first in the U.S. to temporarily close because of the illness while the […]

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