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Archive Tag: health

Taiwanese startup Deep01 raises $2.7 million for its AI-based medical imaging software

Deep0 1, a Taiwanese startup that develops software to help doctors interpret CT brain scans more quickly, announced today that it has raised $ 2.7 million. The funding was led by PC creator ASUSTek. Deep0 1’s product has obtained clearance from both Taiwan and the United States’ Food and Drug Administration, and the company received […]

IoT solutions are enabling physical distancing

Tyler Cracraft Contributor Tyler Cracraft is an electronic technologist turned answer designer at Advantech who has more than a decade of know-how operating in the electronics engineering industry. If you’re a business owner or investor and are wondering about the long-term impacts of the COVID-1 9 pandemic on the business world, you’re not alone. Today’s […]

Babylon Health admits ‘software error’ led to patient data breach

Babylon Health, a UK AI chatbot and telehealth startup which has been valued in excess of $2BN, has suffered an embarrassing data breach after a user of the app found he was able to access other patients’ video consultations. “Why have I got access to other patients video consultations through your app?” tweeted Rory Glover […]

Xiaomi’s Mi Smart Band 5 sports bigger display and new wireless charging system — and starts at $27

One of the world’s best selling wearable lineups time lent a brand-new gadget to the mix. Chinese electronics giant Xiaomi today unveiled the Mi Smart Band 5 that extradites several progress and contributes boasts such as a bigger screen, brand-new wireless charging method, and women’s health mode over the company’s one-year-old Mi Smart Band 4 […]

Apple and Google launch exposure notification API, enabling public health authorities to release apps

Apple and Google today made available the first public form of their exposure notification API, which was initially debuted as a seam contact-tracing software tool. The marriages later renamed it the Exposure Notification system to more accurately reflect its functionality, which is designed to notify individuals of potential exposure to others who have confirmed cases […]

Google is piloting a simpler Nest Hub Max interface at retirement homes

Last week, Mount Sinai showcased how it’s started consuming Nest machines to monitor cases remotely. Today, Google’s showing off how the Nest Hub Max is helping retirement home residents feel a little less isolated amid the COVID-1 9 lockdown. To help subjects along, the company is currently testing a simplified interface to stimulate the smart […]

India’s contact-tracing app tops 100 million users in 41 days

As most countries across the globe scramble to build an app to trace the spread of coronavirus, India’s solution is growing at an unprecedented scale — despite being dogged by privacy concerns. New Delhi’s contact-tracing app, called Aarogya Setu, has reached 100 million users in 41 days after its release. A representative at think-tank NITI Aayog […]

A passwordless server run by NSO Group sparks contact-tracing privacy concerns

As countries work to reopen after weeks of lockdown, contact-tracing apps help to understand the spread of the deadly coronavirus stres, COVID-1 9. While most governments lean toward privacy-focused apps that use Bluetooth signals to create an anonymous profile of a person’s whereabouts, others, like Israel, use site and cell phone data to track the […]

Owkin raises $25 million as it builds a secure network for healthcare analysis and research

Imagine a pattern of collaborative research and development among infirmaries, pharmaceutical companies, universities and other investigate conservatories where no one shared any actual data. That’s the dream of the brand-new New York-based startup Owkin, which has raised $ 25 million in fresh financing from investors, including Bpifrance Large Venture, Cathay Innovation and MACSF( the French […]

Activ Surgical launches visualization tech for making surgeries safer

After $ 25 million in funding and three years of development, the Boston-based medical invention and software development company Activ Surgical is introducing its first make to marketplace, the company said yesterday. The company’s ActivEdge platform, an neural networks and machine learning software system using data from a hardware attachment that can be fixed to […]

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