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Archive Tag: hdmi

The Philips Hue Play HDMI Sync Box makes any home theater a bit more theatrical

Philips has continually expanded its Hue line of smart illuminating commodities to cover the entire home, inside and out. But while the ability to remotely limitation your illuminate, including adjusting dye, vigour and brightness is great, one of its more recent products concentrates more on how to turn all those connected lights into a dynamic, […]

How to create the best at-home videoconferencing setup, for every budget

Your life probably involves a lot more videoconferencing now than it did some weeks ago- even if it once did involve a lot. That’s not likely going to change anytime soon, so why not acquire the best possible use of it? The median MacBook webcam can technically get the job done, but it’s far away […]

QLED is finally available in a glass display with the HP Pavilion 27

HP today announced the Pavilion 27 and it inspects dazzling. This is the first display that offers a QLED screen — HP calls it by it’s official name Quantum Dot — that’s on glass instead of film. The inconsistencies should be clear. When offered under glass, the images are sharper and clean — though so […]

*NEW* SNES HDMI Cable 100% Plug & Play – REVIEW w/ Gameplay

Info on Pound SNES HDMI cables: http :// poundtechnology.com/ hd-link-snes-press-release-ntsc – PRE-ORDERS: https :// limitedrungames.com/ concoctions/ pound-technology-snes-hdmi-cable – GAMES SHOWN: The Ninja Warriors Lamborghini American Challenge Super Mario World QBert 3 Super MegaForce Musya Pac-Attack Run Saber Super Punchout Shadowrun Pocky& Rocky 2 Twitter: http :// twitter.com/ MetalJesusRocks Facebook: http :// facebook.com/ MetalJesusRocks Web: http […]

*NEW* PS2 HDMI Cable 100% Plug & Play – REVIEW w/ Gameplay

Pre-order PS2 HDMI cable at https :// limitedrungames.com/ commodities/ pound-technology-ps2-ps 1-hdmi-cable – Shipping in Nov 2018 FOLLOW US Twitter: http :// twitter.com/ MetalJesusRocks Facebook: http :// facebook.com/ MetalJesusRocks Web: http :// www.MetalJesusRocks.com Schism CHAT: http :// discord.gg/ WJGfGdM Patreon: http :// www.Patreon.com/ MetalJesusRocks T-shirts: http :// shrsl.com /?~ 9quw Special thanks to World of LongPlays: […]

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