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Hustle Fund wants to help spawn a new generation of angel investors

Kara Penn is the mother of four daughters and proprietor of Mission Spark, a the managers and programme consulting company. And now, thanks to Hustle Fund, she is also an angel investor. Hustle Fund is coming out of stealth today with Angel Squad, a new strategy aimed at making angel investing more accessible to more […]

Telkomsel invests an additional $300 million in Gojek

Telkomsel, a force of Indonesia’s largest telecom hustler Telkom, has invested an additional $ 300 million in ride-hailing and remittances firm Gojek, the two firms said Monday, simply months after the network provider wrote a $150 million check to the Southeast Asian firm. The announcement comes amid Gojek working to seal a proposed consolidation with […]

ReleaseHub nabs $2.7M seed to give developers on-demand environments

Every developer relies on environments like testing, placing and production as they build application, but constructing them can be a time-consuming operation. ReleaseHub, an early stage startup that was part of the Y Combinator Winter 2020 cohort, wants to change that by providing a service to see environments available on demand. Today, the company announced […]

Lightmatter’s photonic AI ambitions light up an $80M B round

AI is fundamental to many products and services today, but its hunger for data and estimating cycles is bottomless. Lightmatter an intention to leapfrog Moore’s law with its ultra-fast photonic chips specialized for AI work, and with a new $80 million round, the company is poised to take its light-powered computing to market. We firstly […]

Bux, a European Robinhood, raises $80M to expand its neo-broker platform

A new wave of apps have democratized the notion of investing, imparting the notion of trading broths and currencies to a wider pool of users who can use these platforms to conclude incremental, or much greater, wagers in the aspirations of originating their coin at a time when interest rates are low. In the latest […]


On-demand access to electric pouts — the smaller, motorised scooters that you be participating in , not kick — has been a small but persistent part of the multi-modal transportation mix on offer to beings in municipals these days. Today, a startup out of The Netherlands is announcing some funding with aims to offset e-mopeds […]

PortalOne raises $15M from Atari and more for a new hybrid gaming/TV show app

Gaming and streamed video ought to have two of the biggest pastime wins during the last year+ of pandemic living. Today a startup that has created an app that accompanies those two leisure formats together is announcing a illustrious seed round of funding as it prepares to come out of closed beta. PortalOne, a composite […]

MoviePass co-founder’s PreShow Interactive raises $3M to expand into gaming

PreShow Interactive is giving gamers a brand-new highway to earn in-game currency in exchange for watching ads — a thought that’s become familiar in mobile competitions but hasn’t really made much headway on PCs or consoles. The startup is led by MoviePass’ founding CEO Stacy Spikes. When I spoke to Spikes about PreShow 2 years […]

Wasabi scores $112M Series C on $700M valuation to take on cloud storage hyperscalers

Taking on Amazon S3 in the vapour storage recreation would seem to be a fool-hearty proposition, but Wasabi has attained a mode to build storage cheaply and pass the savings onto purchasers. Today the Boston-based startup announced a $112 million Series C speculation on a $700 million valuation. Fidelity Management& Research Company extended the round […]

FintechOS nabs $60M for a low-code approach to modernizing legacy banking and insurance services

“Challenger” startups in banking and insurance have upended their manufactures, and picked up significant business, by construct more customer-friendly implements and services — more personalized, easier to access, and usually competitively priced — than those typically supplied their bigger, incumbent rivals. Now, a startup out of Romania that is building implements to help the incumbents […]

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