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Archive Tag: entertainment

Roblox partners with Sony Music to connect artists with money-making activities in the metaverse

Video game platform Roblox announced this morning it has partnered with Sony Music Entertainment on a spate that will allow the two companies to work together to create music suffers for the Roblox community, including opportunities that they are able to leave Sony Music masters a channel to reach new publics and generate revenue. The […]

Holoride deploys Elrond blockchain and NFTs in prep for 2022 market launch

Holoride, the Audi spinoff that’s creating an in-vehicle XR passenger entertainment experience, is deploying blockchain technology and NFTs as the next phase in its preparation for a 2022 busines open. The company, which closed a $12 million Line A in April, announced it would be integrating Elrond blockchain into its tech stack to wreak opennes […]

‘The Passengers: Him and Her’ is a virtual reality experience that’s best enjoyed on your own

If there’s one thing I miss about travelling to work every day on the metro pre-pandemic, it’s people-watching. My ability to create fake narratives in my leader about random strangers actually facilitated flex the imaginative part of my brain each day. So, when I put one over my virtual reality headset to find myself set […]

Original Content podcast: Martin Scorsese and Fran Lebowitz have a good time in ‘Pretend It’s A City’

The concept behind the new Netflix documentary sequence” Pretend It’s A City” is pretty straightforward: Author Fran Lebowitz talks, while Martin Scorsese( who’s both administrator and an on-camera presence) listens and laughs. Lebowitz’s reflections across seven incidents are organized by loose themes, such as” Metropolitan Transit” and” Library Business ,” with the more recent footage […]

You Can Now Stream Apple Music Directly From Google’s Smart Speakers

Given that Google owns its own music streaming service and how they consider Apple as a rival, it’s actually interesting to see how Google’s smart speakers powered by Google Assistant, together with their smart showings, can now stream Apple Music instantly from them. This is according to a recent update on Google’s blog. According to […]

Sega’s canceled VR project from the ’90s gets revived by historians

In the early ‘9 0s, Sega had bold plans for a virtual reality headset peripheral for its Genesis console. Those projects never came to fruition, and Sega’s foray into VR and the games that were developed for it never find the light of day. Until now. Nuclear Rush, a game developed for Sega VR, has […]

This Guitar Pedal Can Be Controlled Using Your Smartphone

If you’re a guitar musician, then there’s a very good chance you might own various pedals. These pedals, for those unfamiliar, improve guitar musicians create and adjust their guitar’s hubbubs to their liking, whether it be adding a crunchy aberration, a fluffy overdrive, or the wah tone of a face-melting guitar solo, these pedals cure […]

The short, strange life of Quibi

“All that is left now is to offer a profound regret for disappointing you and, eventually, for letting you down, ” Jeffrey Katzenberg and Meg Whitman wrote, closing out an open symbol announced to Medium. “We cannot thank you enough for being there with us, and for us, each step of the way.” With that, […]

How To Cancel Your Disney+ Subscription

As far as video streaming services are concerned, Disney+ is actually one of the cheapest options around where at $6.99 a few months( or $69.99 a year ), it is rather cheap. However, there is no one perfect streaming service. This is largely due to licensing and exclusives which means that it would be impossible […]

From Netflix to Hulu to Disney+, the best streaming sites for movies

It’s Friday night and you’re too tired to go out( same ). You know how this conversation proceeds. Should we watch a movie? What’s on Netflix? But halt, dear book, because there is so much more you could be doing to maximize your home movie deeming, and we here at Mashable can no longer assume […]

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