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Archive Tag: entertainment

You Can Now Stream Netflix On The Nest Hub, Nest Hub Max

We have progressed from smart talkers to smart presentations, which mostly integrates the smart-aleckies of a smart talker with a presentation. We’ve seen how this draws such devices infinitely more helpful, like being able to watch a cooking video while in the kitchen, while also being able to control your smart-alecky home manoeuvres like light […]

‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ and the limits of today’s game economies

Kaiser Hwang Contributor Share on Twitter Kaiser Hwang is a longtime member of the games parish and a vice president at Forte, an organization building an open financial stage for activities. ” Animal Crossing: New Horizons” is a bonafide wonder. The sport has been setting brand-new records for Nintendo, is adored by musicians and critics […]

SiriusXM buys Stitcher for $325 million, steps up its march into podcasts

Less than a few months after picking up Simplecast for its podcast spread and analytics implements, SiriusXM today is announcing an even bigger acquisition to raise its game in the realm of streamed spoken-word content. The spacecraft radio firm said it has reached a deal to acquire Stitcher from E.W. Scripps for $325 million, a […]

The Sims Will Be Getting Its Own Reality TV Show

Many of you might be familiar with EA’s The Sims. For those who aren’t familiar, it’s mostly a game where you create attributes in a virtual life, control them, and live out your myth life, kind of. It is a fun game, but for whatever reason, it seems that EA has deemed that it might […]

Are virtual concerts here to stay?

The COVID-1 9 pandemic pushed the music industry to experiment severely with virtual concerts. Historically, musicians and their overseers have been careful about challenging the traditional concert framework that became their primary source of income as revenue from album auctions disappeared. Is the current surge of virtual concerts now to stay or will it be […]

IoT solutions are enabling physical distancing

Tyler Cracraft Contributor Tyler Cracraft is an electronic technologist turned answer designer at Advantech who has more than a decade of know-how operating in the electronics engineering industry. If you’re a business owner or investor and are wondering about the long-term impacts of the COVID-1 9 pandemic on the business world, you’re not alone. Today’s […]

Investors say emerging multiverses are the future of entertainment

Bonnie Hunt, Piper Perabo, Alyson Stoner and more is indicated in a virtual reunion 17 years after the film. Read more: The COVID-1 9 pandemic is accelerating the adoption of new technologies and cultural alters that were already well underway. According to a seizure of heavy-hitting investors, this dynamic is particularly strong in gaming […]

Netflix to start cancelling inactive customers’ subscriptions

Netflix said Thursday it will question customers who have not watched anything on the on-demand video streaming service in a year or more if they wish to maintain their subscription — and will cancel their membership if it does not sound back. The company said it has started to notify customers who have’t watched anything […]

The new documentary ‘Spacedrop’ takes viewers inside a simulated space quarantine

” The first Asian Jew in forgery room” — that’s how Josh Burstein interposed himself to me when we hopped on the phone earlier this week. The fake space in question is the Hawaii Space Exploration Analog and Simulation( HI-SEAS ), where NASA has been sporadically isolating crews of astronauts to study how they respond […]

Original Content podcast: ‘Too Hot to Handle’ might be a work of evil genius

Is” Too Hot to Handle” the dumbest substantiate on Netflix … or the most diabolically splendid? The reality TV succession accompanies a group of twentysomethings together on a secluded humid recede, then — after a brief getting-to-know-you period — counsels them that anything even coming close to sex will result in a reduction of the […]

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