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Archive Tag: creativity

We can save our planet and stop behaving like ‘robots,’ says environmental artist Agnes Denes

Agnes Denes has warned of environmental disaster and the dangers of technology since the 1960 s. As a new retrospective opened in New York City, we spoke to the artist about her life’s work. The idea seems fanciful, like some fever dream of New Yorkers who long for the pre-9/ 11 daytimes, when life was […]

From a cyborg manifesto to hacking humanity, read this artist’s tech-themed poetry created on the spot

Fast Company invited master Shanelle Gabriel to perform spoken-word poems on the fly at its European Innovation Festival. Read her thought-provoking work. Earlier this month, Fast Company’s European Invention Festival in Milan brought together the prime intellectuals in business, tech, and leisure around the idea of humanity’s convergence with super intelligence. Professor Yuval Noah Harari’s […]

Offset, DJ Khaled, Russell Westbrook, and the brave new world of celebrity digital avatars

In a nature of proliferating digital representations, how many avatars will each person have–and who will control them? What did Atlanta rapper Offset’s momma do when her son went missing on a date when he was expected to create content for a multi-million-dollar brand sponsorship opportunity? She called the digital avatar company Genies and asked […]

For new tech like VR to thrive, we need to put it in the hands of diverse storytellers

A panel of tech-savvy creators and filmmakers at the Fast Company European Innovation Festival explored how engineering is changing the artistry of storytelling, particularly for marginalized radicals. ” If you bump your manager and can’t remember who “youre gonna”, stories are what put you back together ,” musician and filmmaker Samuel ” Blitz ” Bazawule […]

How Rafael Lozano-Hemmer uses your biometric data to create art

” I am very concerned but also strange about the age of metrics. These daylights everything is quantified .” Known for incorporating engineering and design into his artwork, Mexican-Canadian creator Rafael Lozano-Hemmer is exhibiting his immersive public skill installations together for the first time under the same roof at Washington , D.C.’s Hirshhorn Museum. In […]

This is how Netflix changes everything

Our new serial considers how the once-modest streaming app grew the most important companionship in purchasers’ lives today and is altering everything. On Sunday night, at about 11:13 PM Eastern time, Roma’s name was called as a nominee for the Academy Award for Best Picture. For just a few seconds more, the producer and distributor […]

Can cute dogs, artificial intelligence, and avocados win the Super Bowl?

Avocados From Mexico is using IBM’s Watson and a Super Bowl ad to match people with their perfect dog adoption. Considering the Super Bowl has long been considered the biggest, broadest, most high-profile advertising opportunity for U.S. brands, marketers tend to cast a wide net with their commercials. Hence the onslaught of celebrity cameos. This […]

This new deep fake video is both advertising and a piece of art

Award-winning British creator Gillian Wearing appointed a penetrating hoax video of herself as part of her expo at the Cincinnati art Museum. Remember back in April when Barack Obama called President Trump a” total and terminated dipshit ?” Okay, it was really Jordan Peele doing his flawless Obama impression, over an artificial intelligence-generated video that […]

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