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Designers, want to change the world? Read this first

Argodesign’s Mehera O’Brien knows firsthand the difficulties involved in social innovation. Now, she exposes the shortcomings of the disappoint fast attitude, what to do when clients want to solve the wrong question, and why technology can’t fix everything. Mehera O’Brien is a pattern administrator is currently working on the intersection of commodity/ work designing, business […]

5 reasons to apply for the 2021 Innovation by Design Awards

The deadline for submissions is April 30. Enter today! Don’t miss your chance to enter the 2021 Innovation by Design Awards, the most prestigious competition honour imagination in business. Invention by Design reputations the products, works, hypothesis, and insults that are altering companionships, constitutions, and society. Past honorees have included everything from a 3D-printed COVID-1 […]

The 14 most important books for designers to read right now

Experts from IDEO, Adobe, SVA, HOK, Designer Fund, and more share bible recommendations for designers who want to expand their ranges in 2021 and beyond. Designers in 2021 face some of the biggest challenges of their business as they cure rebuild a society torn asunder by COVID-1 9, economic difference, ethnic unfairnes, and climate change […]

Jane Jacobs v. Robert Moses—the story is more surprising than you think

Jane Jacobs wasn’t opposed to data-driven decisions, she really reputed data should be used differently, acted in accordance with a brand-new volume that is about data for the public good. As digital organisations multiply across the urban landscape, they are producing immense flows of data that can help inform how we manage and plan municipals. […]

The surprising way to build a productive organization in 2021

Remote work isn’t going anywhere, but here’s how to design a great IRL office. Just as 9/11 reformed jaunt forever, the coronavirus has changed the workplace forever. Nine months into it, we’ve established that we as individuals can work remotely and be even more productive, but here’s the issues to now: Is the organization as […]

Why Amazon radically redesigned the Echo

You may be ordering one for Black Friday. But why is it shaped like that? With Black Friday virtually upon us, you will no doubt realize a batch of deals on a commodity that’s grown to be synonymous with Amazon itself: the Echo voice assistant speaker. Designed internally by Amazon’s reticent Lab1 26 equipment squad, […]

Self-driving taxis should be designed with accessibility at the forefront—not as an afterthought

For autonomous vehicles to fulfill the promise of accessibility and still be environmentally efficient, all autoes need to be similarly accessible. Autonomous vehicles, like self-driving taxis, continue to garner media attention as industry and political stakeholders claim that they will improve safety and access to transportation for everyone. But for people who have different mobility […]

Inside the redesign of ‘Fast Company’ magazine

‘Fast Company’ has a bold new look. Creative director Mike Schnaidt moves through the major designing moves. Here at Fast Company, we definitely adoration motif. We celebrate it yearly through our Innovation by Design program, and write about it daily here on Co.Design. Our magazine causes us a perpetually fresh canvas to practice what we […]

The unsung heroes of the COVID-19 crisis? Robots

Robots have been used for everything from cleansing infirmaries to treading the stage for graduation. Importantly, they’re not replacing people–they’re doing labour people can no longer do safely. A cylindrical robot rolls into a treatment room to allow healthcare workers to remotely make temperatures and quantity blood pressure and oxygen saturation from cases hooked up […]

Urban tech is a $65 billion industry. Here’s how COVID-19 could upend it

In the wake of COVID-1 9, digital technology will play a crucial role for the purposes of calculating which municipalities thrive–and which ones falter. The COVID-1 9 crisis has upended city life as we know it. Cities are on lockdown, and the once bustling streets of Paris, New York, London, Rome, and more now sit […]

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