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Self-driving taxis should be designed with accessibility at the forefront—not as an afterthought

For autonomous vehicles to fulfill the promise of accessibility and still be environmentally efficient, all autoes need to be similarly accessible. Autonomous vehicles, like self-driving taxis, continue to garner media attention as industry and political stakeholders claim that they will improve safety and access to transportation for everyone. But for people who have different mobility […]

Inside the redesign of ‘Fast Company’ magazine

‘Fast Company’ has a bold new look. Creative director Mike Schnaidt moves through the major designing moves. Here at Fast Company, we definitely adoration motif. We celebrate it yearly through our Innovation by Design program, and write about it daily here on Co.Design. Our magazine causes us a perpetually fresh canvas to practice what we […]

The unsung heroes of the COVID-19 crisis? Robots

Robots have been used for everything from cleansing infirmaries to treading the stage for graduation. Importantly, they’re not replacing people–they’re doing labour people can no longer do safely. A cylindrical robot rolls into a treatment room to allow healthcare workers to remotely make temperatures and quantity blood pressure and oxygen saturation from cases hooked up […]

Urban tech is a $65 billion industry. Here’s how COVID-19 could upend it

In the wake of COVID-1 9, digital technology will play a crucial role for the purposes of calculating which municipalities thrive–and which ones falter. The COVID-1 9 crisis has upended city life as we know it. Cities are on lockdown, and the once bustling streets of Paris, New York, London, Rome, and more now sit […]

The U.S. is under quarantine. Can technology help us reach out and touch our loved ones?

Tangible boundaries were the hottest idea in experimental UI. As we’re all holed up working from dwelling, it’s time to revisit it. ” Watching the nations of the world through a computer screen is agonizing ,” Medium journalist Sarah Kessler recently wrote about toiling from home during the COVID-1 9 pandemic. Having worked from home […]

To slash waste, Ikea looks to artificial intelligence

One of every 10 Ikea components goes returned–and 15% of that goes to waste. Enter AI. Ikea’s furniture–omnipresent, economical, and user-friendly–is so favourite it can be found in accommodations, for sale on Craigslist, or curbside, following years of loving use. The Swedish mega-retailer sells approximately $44.6 billion worth of its 12,000 commodities a year, and […]

The alarming link between C-sections and hospital design

The size and appearance of a labor and delivery unit, the standardization of patient rooms, and the delivery of wet-nurse stations can all influence C-section paces at hospitals. In the United Government, one third of newborns are born by cesarean delivery; but up to 45% of these surgeries were not able to medically marked. The […]

What companies really want in a designer, according to a top recruiter for Airbnb, Google, and Facebook

Plus, why high-paying tech responsibilities have lost their luster for numerous designers. Judy Wert, the head of design recruiting enterprise Wert& Co ., taught as a designer before propelling her consultancy in 1995. Since then, she has recruited applicants to replenish top layout and innovation posts at companies including Airbnb, Google, and Facebook as well […]

Are Vaporfly shoes too fast? Nike’s head of design responds

Track and study has boycotted a account of the Vaporfly from contender. But the underlying technology will still make its room to the Olympics. The Nike Vaporfly 4 % shoe is fast. It enables you to run 4% to 6% faster than your average shoe thanks to a carbon fiber dish and thick-witted, energy-returning suds. […]

Google’s new ‘Digital Wellbeing’ tools, ranked from ingenious to offensive

Google Creative Lab’s well-being experiments try to be playful, but one of them is just joking about something that’s not funny to begin with. Since 2018, Google( and Apple) have been addressing the 4.5 -inch glass elephant in the office: that while smartphones have become essential to modern life, they’re sucking all the attention from […]

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