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Behold the astronaut lounge at Virgin Galactic’s $250K-per-flight spaceport

It’s part first-class lounge, part office, and constituent red carpet for the ultra-wealthy customers who will take flight beginning next year. If space-obsessed billionaires get their way, people who can pay a whopping amount of money–about $250,000 — will be hopping on a business projectile for a room flight in the next few years. At […]

This brilliant hydroponic system puts a whole garden on your countertop

It’s not just a garden–it’s a work of art. Growing your own food is one of life’s great pleasures–plus it’s good for you and for the environment. But in increasingly close-fisted, metropolitan dwellings, we don’t all have area for garden-varieties. And hydroponic plans, as plead as they are able, often appear to be a whole […]

Exclusive: A first look inside Google’s top-secret design lab

The special sauce behind Google’s breakout equipment produces is its one-year-old Design Lab. We’re the first publication to go inside. There’s a building on Google’s Mountain View, California, campus that’s off-limits to most of the company’s own employees. The 70,000 -square-foot Design Lab residences around 150 decorators and dozens of top-secret projects under the leadership […]

The ambitious plan to publicly track every new garment we buy

The fashion industry is far from sustainable, but a revolutionary brand-new scaffold called CircularID aims to make it easier for labels to recycle, reparation, and resell style commodities. Natasha Franck, cofounder and CEO of manner engineering busines EON, believes we will one day be able to throw our age-old shirts in the recycling bucket along […]

Fast Company is hiring a design writer

Join our award-winning design news channel! Co.Design, Fast Company’s award-winning motif report path, is looking for an intrepid reporter and columnist to cover the intersection of design, business, and technology. You should have event reporting on at least one of these subjects, and you should be a critical thinker who’s as comfortable writing short-lived bulletin […]

Airplanes with windowless cockpits are here. Are you ready to fly in one?

A new prototype airplane aspects a screen instead of a front-facing window in its cockpit. The engineering is closer to the mainstream than it voices. Airplane design has basically remained unchanged for decades. The vast majority of planes are variants on the same basic motif: A cigar-shaped body with a cockpit where aviators can see […]

Adobe has an ambitious plan to help the public spot fake images

The world’s most popular computer graphics company wants to use AI to see controlled portraits and video. Is it too little too late? As potent visual AI reaches its away across the internet, it’s getting easier and easier to manipulate images, audio, and videos, which poses a serious problem for society. Adobe, which has a […]

Ikea is quietly debuting robotic furniture

Ori, an MIT spin-off that designings motorized, shape-shifting furniture, is licensing its engineering to the furniture giant. Five years ago, MIT debuted a piece of furniture straight out of The Jetsons. It was a radiating robotic carton that have been able to change a 200 -square-foot accommodation into a 600 -square-foot accommodation, expanding or contracting […]

Inside the secret laboratory where Marriott is cooking up the hotel of the future

The hotel giant, which faces stiff rivalry from Hilton and Airbnb, uses the lab to get insights into the smallest details-from the shape of wall sconces to the location of electrical outlets. As anyone who’s gathered off the interstate late at night knows, inns like Marriott, Residence Inn, Sheraton, and Aloft are frequently neighbours, lined […]

Yes, the government is capable of creating great design–here’s how

Code for America is trying to show government agencies that technology doesn’t have to be complicated to start stimulating citizens’ lives better. Earlier this month, San Francisco banned city agencies from using facial recognition technology in response to a brandish of police departments and other agencies in cities all over the country adopting a technology […]

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