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New Oxford machine learning-based COVID-19 test can provide results in under 5 minutes

Oxford scientists working out of the school’s Department of Physics have developed a new type of COVID-1 9 research that can detect SARS-CoV-2 with a high degree of accuracy, instantly in tests taken from cases, consuming a machine learning-based approach that could help sidestep test supply restraints, and that also offers advantages when it comes […]

Take a closer look at Elon Musk’s Neuralink surgical robot

While the science was front-and-center in Elon Musk’s representation about Neuralink, his human brain computer inference company, the surgical robot the company debuted made a splash of its own. The rounded polycarbonate sci-fi design of the mentality surgeon bot looks like something out of the Portal franchise, but it’s actually the creation of Vancouver-based industrial […]

Elon Musk demonstrates Neuralink’s tech live using pigs with surgically implanted brain-monitoring devices

Elon Musk-founded Neuralink has moved headlines over the past many years around it efforts to develop a brand-new kind of interface between the human brain and computing devices. On Friday, the company supported a demo of the technology, and Musk kicked off the demo by saying that the purpose of the entire presentation was banking […]

Extra Crunch Live: Join Anu Duggal for a live Q&A on August 20 at 11am PT/2pm ET

Rent the Runway and Glossier became unicorns within the same week in June 2019. That same year, simply 2.7% of risk capital dollars went toward female-founded companies. Silicon Valley’s disconnect between the money success of female-founded companies and funding them in the first place is disheartening. The conversation is there, but the dollar sign momentum […]

Pioneering CRISPR researcher Jennifer Doudna is coming to Disrupt

Jennifer Doudna, a woman whose operate has triggered the explosion in innovation in the field of synthetic biology and has given investigates all regions of the world a mode to program and reprogram the living world, will be speaking at Disrupt in September. From her stances as the Chancellor’s Chair Professor in the University of […]

Paige, the computational pathology startup targeting cancer, closes a Series B at $70M

Paige, the startup that spun out of the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and launched in 2018 to help advance cancer research and care by applying AI to better understand cancer pathology, is today announcing a milestone in its increment narrative: it has raised a further $ 20 million from Goldman Sachs and Healthcare Venture […]

Fitbit’s Chinese rival Amazfit mulls a transparent, self-disinfecting mask

The COVID-1 9 pandemic has led in a curve of Chinese companies with manufacturing operations to produce virus-fighting equipment: Shenzhen-based electrical vehicle monster BYD abruptly moved to launch what it claims to be the world’s largest mask plant; Hangzhou-based voice intelligence startup Rokid is making thermal imaging glasses targeted at the US market; and many […]

University of Oxford coronavirus vaccine trial aims to have 500 people in testing by mid-May

One of the largest COVID-1 9 vaccine inquiries currently underway will have over 500 voluntaries actively measuring its answer by the middle of next month. Researchers at the University of Oxford have already secured that number of participants, including a representative sample of people between the ages of eighteen to 55, for a large-scale randomized […]

Medtronic is sharing its portable ventilator design specifications and code for free to all

Healthcare and biomedical engineering company Medtronic was in the news recently because Tesla CEO Elon Musk had discussions with the company about the automaker’s potential plans to build ventilator hardware in order to address the COVID-1 9 crisis. Today it’s doing something potentially far better impactful. Medtronic is making available to anyone the full pattern […]

A new FDA-authorized COVID-19 test doesn’t need a lab and can produce results in just 5 minutes

There’s a new COVID-1 9 measure from healthcare engineering maker Abbott that watches to be the fastest more in terms of producing upshots, and that can do so on the spot right at point-of-care, without involving a round trip to a laboratory. This test for the romance coronavirus justification the current world-wide pandemic has received […]

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