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Apple unveils Beats Solo Pro with noise cancellation and 22 hours of battery

While we’re still waiting on Apple’s rumored noise-canceling AirPods, we now know the company is adding noice cancellation to another of its most well known headphones. Today Beats launched the Solo Pro headphones, the $299.95 successor to the wireless Solo3, which come with 22 hours of battery life and active interference deletion — a first […]

Apple’s version of Tile trackers will utilize augmented reality

With little than two weeks until Apple’s large-scale iPhone launch, we’re still used to identify new details about what the company might show off. One rumored product sounds very useful: a brand-new Bluetooth tracking accessory meant to help you keep track of lost items. The gadget, virtually Apple’s version of the favourite Tile trackers, has […]

7 worst tech commercials and instructional videos of the ’90s

Welcome to Dial Up, Mashable’s most excellent look at technology in the ‘9 0s, from the early days of the World Wide Web to the clunky gadgets that won our souls. Gather ’round, offsprings, and let me take you back to the 1990 s, when the internet was new and everyone wanted to get in […]

iPad Pros are on sale for up to $199 off at Walmart

So there’s good information and there’s bad news. But let’s start with the bad first, just like ripping off a Band-Aid, shall we? Summer is almost over. Yep, we don’t know how it happened either. The good story is, we’ve arrived at the peak time for back to academy browsing once again. Whether you’re a […]

Frontier technologies are moving closer to the center of venture investment

As the technologies that were once considered science fiction become the purview of discipline, the risk capital conglomerates that were once investing at the industry’s fringes are now finding themselves at the heart of the technology industry. Investing in the commercialization of technologies like genetic engineering, quantum computing, digital avatars, augmented reality, new human-computer boundaries, […]

The next Apple Watch could come in two new finishes

We’re still a few weeks away from Apple’s next big-hearted concoction open, but more evidences about the new lineup of gadgets are starting to emerge — including the Apple Watch. The forthcoming Apple Watch will be available in two new finishes, according to images uncovered in the latest watchOS beta, spotted by iHelpBR. The blog […]

People are having stress dreams about losing their AirPods

Hope, a 19 -year-old college student at the University of Texas, had just moved off an aeroplane from a family vacation when she had a sinking realization: she had left her AirPods onboard. She soon changed frantic. In an effort to get back her beloved earbuds before the plane left for its next destination, she […]


A week is obviously not enough time to truly understand a market as massive and fascinating as China. Hell, it’s not really even enough time to adjust to the 12 -hour time difference from New York. That said, each of the 3 sees I’ve taken to the country in the past two years has produced […]

Laptops and tablets on sale this weekend: MacBook, Dell, and more

You probably don’t need an excuse to go shopping, but if you do here it is: Tons of laptops and tablets are on sale this weekend. We are* officially* in summer now, so if you haven’t spring scavenged your electronics, this is the time to take a good look at your gear and assess whether […]

Apple recalls MacBook Pro batteries over ‘fire safety risk’

If you have an older MacBook Pro, you might need to get its battery changed. Apple is recalling 15 -inch MacBook Pro laptops sold between between September 2015 and February 2017 over a artillery publish it says represents a “fire safe risk.” “Apple has determined that, in a limited number of older generation 15 -inch […]

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