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Can artificial intelligence give elephants a winning edge?

Adam Benzion Contributor Share on Twitter Adam Benzion is a serial entrepreneur, writer, tech investor, co-founder of and the CXO of Edge Impulse. More poles by this donor TinyML is giving hardware new life Images of elephants moving the African plains are imprinted on all of our judgments and something easily recognized as a […]

Waymo’s Boris Sofman and TuSimple’s Xiaodi Hou to join us at TC Sessions: Mobility 2020

One of the areas of autonomous driving technology with the most potential to have a near-term and drastic bang remains trucking: There’s a changing deficiency of operators for long-haul street, and route trucking is still in relatively uncomplicated( though still difficult enough) type of driving for AV systems to tackle. Many companies are pursuing the […]

Andela, which builds engineering teams tapping African talent, goes fully-remote and opens to the wider continent

In the wake of the COVID-1 9 pandemic, remote manipulating has become the name of the game for knowledge employees in the tech manufacture. Today, a startup that was an early mover on the possibilities of of that modeling is announcing some news to double down on the concept. Andela, the New York startup that […]

Could developing renewable energy micro-grids make Energicity Africa’s utility of the future?

When Nicole Poindexter left the energy efficiency focused startup, Opower a few months after the company’s public provide, she wasn’t sure what would come next. At the time, in 2014, the renewable energy movement in the US still faced considerable opponent. But what Poindexter did realize was an opportunity to bring the benefits of renewable […]

Africa’s top angel Tomi Davies eyes startups and co-investors

When Nigerian angel investor Tomi Davies backed his first firm — Strika Entertainment in 2001 — he acknowledges he wasn’t aware of his future role. “I was just helping out friends. I didn’t know it was angel investing. I didn’t know there was a structure to it, ” he said. Seven years later, Davies received […]

WHO Africa hosts hackathons, offers seed funds to fight COVID-19

The World Health Organization in Africa is regarding virtual hackathons and offering up to $ 20,000 in seed-funds to finalists with digital solutions to stem COVID-1 9. The regional position of the UN agency completed its first challenge earlier this month and will host a second, for French speaking Africa, in coming weeks, WHO’s Technical […]

CcHub funds tech to curb COVID-19 on concerns of an Africa outbreak

Africa’s largest innovation incubator, CcHub, will volunteer funding and engineering support to tech projects aimed at curbing COVID-1 9 and its social and economic impact. The Lagos and Nairobi located formation posted an open lotion on its website this week, CcHub CEO Bosun Tijani told TechCrunch on a call. CcHub will provide $ 5000 to […]

AWS partners with Kenya’s Safaricom on cloud and consulting services

Amazon Web Services has entered a partnership with Safaricom — Kenya’s largest telco, ISP and mobile fee provider — in a collaboration that could spell competition between American mas providers in Africa. In a statement to TechCrunch, the East African company made the peace agreements as a” tactical agreement” whereby Safaricom will sell AWS works( […]

After VCs spend millions Nigeria restricts ride-hail motorbike taxis

Nigeria’s business hub of Lagos has shaken up its transportation order. At the center are the West African country’s motorcycle taxis — drawn attention to locally as okadas — which face recently enforced regulatory to restrict their movement. That’s forming speedbumps for Nigeria’s two-wheel ride-hail startups, operating in Africa’s most populous person with the continent’s […]

Red teams OK to push ethical limits but not on themselves, study says

Wake up, start breakfast, get the kids to school, drive to work, break into the chief financial officer’s inbox and embezzle the part company’s hire levy records. Maybe later you’ll grab a bagel from across the street. For” red squads” — or offensive protection investigates — it’s just another era at work. These offensive certificate […]

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