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SuperAnnotate, a computer vision platform, partners with with open-source to spread visual ML

SuperAnnotate, a NoCode computer vision platform, is partnering with OpenCV, a non-profit organization that has built a large collection of open-source computer vision algorithms. The move implies startups and financiers will be able to build their own AI simulates and allow cameras to detect objects consuming machine learning. SuperAnnotate has so far raised$ 3M to date from investors including Point Nine Capital, Fathom Capital and Berkeley SkyDeck Fund.

The AI-powered computer vision platform for data scientists and annotation crews will be supported OpenCV AI Kit( OAK) consumers with access to its stage, as well as launching a computer vision course on building AI examples. SuperAnnotate will likewise set up the AI Kit’s camera to spy objects exercising machine learning and OAK customers will get $200 of recognition to set up their organizations on its platform.

The OAK is a multi-camera device that can run computer vision and 3D perception chores such as identifying objectives, weighing people and assessing distances. Since launching, around 11,000 of these cameras have been distributed.

OpenCV AI Kit aims to do for computer vision what Raspberry Pi did for hobbyist hardware

The AI Kit has so far been used to build drone and security employments, agricultural imagination sensors or even COVID-related detection devices( for example, to identify people whether someone is wearing a concealment or not ).

Tigran Petrosyan, co-founder and CEO at SuperAnnotate said in a statement that:” Computer vision and smart-alecky camera lotions are gaining impetu, yet not many have the relevant AI expertise to implement those. With OAK Kit and SuperAnnotate, one can finally build their smart-alecky camera organization, even without coding experience .”

Competitors to SuperAnnotate include Dataloop, Labelbox, Appen and Hive .

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