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Suing your way to the stars

Hello friends, and welcome back to Week in Review!

I’m back from a very fun and rehabilitative couple weeks away from my phone, my Twitter account and the bulletin round. That said, I actually genuinely missed writing this newsletter, and while Greg did a phenomenal chore while I was out, I won’t be handing over the controls again anytime soon. Plenty happened this week and I struggled to zero in on a single topic to address, but I ultimately chose to focus on Bezos’s Blue Origin suing NASA.

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The big thing

I was going to write about OnlyFans for the newsletter this week and their fairly sickening move to ban sexually definite content from their site in a bid to stay friendly with fee processors, but alas I couldn’t stop myself and wrote an article for ole TechCrunch fleck com instead. Here’s a associate if you’re curious.

OnlyFans’ porn ban is crypto’s opportunity of a lifetime

Now, I was necessary to note that while I was on vacation I missed all of the conversation circumventing Apple’s fantastically contentious child sexual abuse material detection software that really seems to compromise the realized coherence of personal designs. I’m not alone in meet this to be a somewhat worrisome blooming despite Apple’s intention of staving off a worse alternative. Hopefully, one of the following options weeks I’ll have the time to talk with some of the tribes in the decentralized compute seat about how our monolithic reliance on a marry tech fellowships operates with cherished little consumer input is very bad. In the meantime, I will target you to some reporting from TechCrunch’s own Zack Whittaker on the topic which you are able to peruse because I’m sure it will be a topic I revisit here in the future.

Now then! Onto the topic at hand.

Federal government agencies don’t generally motivate much exaltation. While great things have been accomplished at the behest of copious federal fund and the tireless project of civil servants, most enterprises are treated as bureaucratic bloat and aren’t generally seen as anything worth intensely attacking. Among the public and technologists in particular, NASA occupies a little more of a sacred room. The American space agency were typically been a source of bipartisan ebullience, as has its goal to return cosmonauts to the lunar surface by 2024.

Which creates us to some news this week. While so much digital ink was spilled on Jeff Bezos’s little stroll to the edge of seat, cowboy hat, champagne and all, there’s been less fanfare around his room startup’s lawsuit against NASA, which we’ve now learned will delay the developed at a new lunar lander by months, potentially hurling NASA’s goal to return astronauts to the moon’s surface on schedule into doubt.

Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin goes toe-to-toe with NASA in federal court over gift to SpaceX

Bezos’s upstart Blue Origin is protesting the fact that they were not apportioned a government contract while Elon Musk’s SpaceX made a $2.89 billion contract to build a lunar lander. This contract wasn’t just recently gifted either, SpaceX won it back in April and Blue Origin have previously been filed a complaint with the Government Accountability Office. This happened before Bezos wrote an open word promising a$ 2 billion discount for NASA which had participated fund reductions at the hands of Congress dash its hoped to award multiple contracts. None of these maneuverings proved convincing enough for the tribes at NASA, propagandizing Bezos’s space startup to sue the agency.

This little enmity has caused long-minded Twitter useds to dig up this little gem from a Bezos 2019 speech — as transcribed by Gizmodo — spotlight Bezos’s own abhorrence for how bureaucracy and greed have hampered NASA’s ability to reach for the stars 😛 TAGEND

” To different degrees that large-hearted NASA planneds become seen as activities such programmes and that they have to be distributed to the right states where the claim Senators live, and so on. That is going to change the objective. Now your objective is not to, you are well aware, whatever it is, to get a man to the moon or a woman to the moon, but instead to get a woman to the moon while preserving X number of jobs in my neighborhood. That is a complexifier, and not a healthy one …[…]

Today, there would be, you are well aware, three complains, and the losers would litigate the federal government because they didn’t win. It’s interesting, but the thing that slows things down is procurement. It’s become the bigger bottleneck than information and communication technologies, which I know for a fact for all the well implying parties at NASA is frustrating.

A Blue Origin spokesperson called the dres, an “attempt to rectify the shortcomings in the acquisition process is located within NASA’s Human Landing System .” But the lawsuit actually seems to highlight how awful this lot is to the ability of Blue Origin to lock down top talent. Whether the startup can manage the reputational probability of indicting NASA and retarding America’s return to the moon seems to be a question very much worth asking.

Elon Musk, co-founder and chief executive officer of Tesla Inc., speaks during an unveiling event for the Boring Company Hawthorne test tunnel in Hawthorne, south of Los Angeles, California on December 18, 2018.

Photo: ROBYN BECK/ AFP via Getty Images

Other things

Here are the TechCrunch news legends that extremely caught my eye the coming week 😛 TAGEND

OnlyFans forbiddings” sexually explicit content “ A parcel of parties had quite visceral reactions to OnlyFans killing off what seems to be a pretty big chunk of its business, proscribing” sexually precise content” on the platform. It seems the decision was reached as a result of bank and payment partners bending on the company.

Musk ” launches” the” Tesla Bot “ I truly were working to even announce this news, but I’d be remiss not to highlight how Elon Musk had a guy dress up in a spandex getup and walk around doing the robot and spawned hundreds of news storeys about his new” Tesla Bot .” While there certainly could be a product opportunity here for Tesla at some phase, I would bet all of the dogecoin in the world that his example “coming next year” either never arrives or descends hilariously short of expectations.

Facebook sags a VR meeting simulator This week, Facebook exhausted one of its better virtual reality apps, a workplace app designed to help people host powwows inside virtual reality. To be clear , no one certainly asked for this, but the company made a full court PR press for the app which will help headset owneds simulate the pristine know-how of sitting in a conference room.

Yes, this seems dumb. But avatar-based work apps are coming for your Zooms, and Facebook made a moderately persuading one now. https :// aGvOW6zm 8U

— Lucas Matney (@ lucasmtny) August 19, 2021

Social scaffolds wrestle with Taliban presence on programmes Following the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, social media platforms are being propagandized to clarify their policies around notes operates in identified Taliban representatives. It’s set some of the stages in a hairy situation.

Facebook freeings content clarity report This week, Facebook exhausted its first ever content transparency report, foreground what data on the place had the most reach over a given time period, in such cases a three-month period. Compared to directories highlighting which berths get the most participation on the stage, inventories generally inhabited primarily by right wing influencers and news informants, the register of poles with the most reach seems to be moderately benign.

Safety regulators open inquiry into Tesla Autopilot While Musk talks about structure a branded humanoid robot, U.S. security regulators are concerned with why Tesla vehicles on Autopilot are gate-crashing into so many parked emergency response vehicles.

Image Credits: Nigel Sussman

Extra things

Some of my favorite predicts from our Extra Crunch subscription busines this week 😛 TAGEND

The Nuro EC-1 “..Dave Ferguson and Jiajun Zhu aren’t the only Google self-driving project employees to launch an AV startup, but they might be the most underrated. Their company, Nuro, was estimated at$ five billion and has high-profile partnerships with leaders in retail, logistics and food including FedEx, Domino’s and Walmart. And, they seem to have navigated the regulatory existing obstacles with success — at least so far …”

A VC shares 5 keys to pitching VCs “The success of a fundraising process is only dependent on how well an financier going to be all right it. At the current stage, it is important for benefactors to be honest, straightforward and recognize the appraise assembles with venture capitalists and investors can bring beyond time the cash side ..”

A crash course on corporate evolution “…If you’re going to get acquired, hazards are you’re going to spend a lot of occasion with corporate development units. With a red-hot stock market, mountains of cash and cheap debt floating around, the environment for acquisitions is extremely rich .”

Thanks for read! Until next week…

Lucas M .

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