Startups joining SK Telecom’s accelerator include AI-driven mapping and vision for delivery robots

We don’t often cover telecom engineering startups, but it’s occasionally worth checking in to see what’s happening in that space. We can get a good sign from the latest cohort to emerge from an accelerator associated with South Korea’s largest wireless carrier, SK Telecom.

This group of startups will join the Telecom Infra Projectaccelerator in South Korea, which forms part of a global platform of telecoms specialist midsts, and run in partnership with SK Telecom.

The cohort includes a ship-berthing monitoring system; an app that turns a group of mobile phones into a Tv studio; an AI-powered indoor positioning plan, which creates interactive delineates; a perception arrangement for give robots; and one which tolerates remote publics to experience live occurrences “together” via a digital stadium.

The selected startups include 😛 TAGEND

Dabeeo: Dabeeo’s AI-powered indoor positioning organization implements perception data produced through smartphone cameras to create interactive maps, used for gaming, sell and logistical. Crunchbase

Neubility: Neubility develops vision-based localization and course planning technologies for last-mile delivery robots. Crunchbase

Seadronix: Seadronix is a computer vision-based ship-parking-monitoring solution that stipulates an AI-based berthing-monitoring system. Crunchbase

39 grades C: This is a mobile multi-camera live-streaming app. It instantly connects numerous smartphone feeds to each other utilizing a engineering called WiFi-Direct — turning them into a TV studio. Crunchbase

Kiswe: Kiswe is a supplier of entertainment broadcast technology. Its produce, CloudCast, is a “Broadcast Studio in the Cloud, ” which enables marriages to send a digital feed into the cloud to produce live and non-live content. Its other commodity, Hangtime, tolerates remote gatherings to experience live events “together” through creating a digital stadium with chat room, and renders command over viewing angles from within the platform. Crunchbase

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