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Startups are helping cloud infrastructure customers avoid vendor lock-in

For much of the history of enterprise technology, companionships tended to buy from a single dealer because it became governing the part circumstance a little easier while dedicating them a” single throat to strangle” when something to be wrong. On the flip side, the committee is also articulated clients at the relief of said vendor — and it wasn’t always pretty.

As we move deeper into the cloud model, numerous IT pros are looking for more flexibility than they had in the past, forestalling the vendor lock-in from the previous generation of enterprise tech, and what being beholden to a single merchant could mean for the bottom line and their own flexibility.

This is something that comes up frequently in discussions about moving workloads from one cloud to another, and is sometimes referred to as a multi-cloud approach. Customers are willing to leave their workloads in the hands of one marketer again and recite the mistakes of the past. They are looking to have the same opennes on the infrastructure side that they are getting in the SaaS world, where companies tend to purchase best-of-breed from variou vendors.

That planneds, they demand the freedom to move workloads between shadows, but that’s not always as easy a prospect as it might seem, and it’s an area where startups could help lead the way.

Good news for endeavour startups: SaaS cured kill the single-vendor stack

What’s their own problems?

What’s stopping customers from only moving data and employments between mass? It turns out that there is a complex interlinking of public mas APIs that help the lotions and data work in tandem. If you want to pull out of one public mas, it’s not a simple matter of merely moving to the next one.

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