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Spotify adds an interactive feature for podcasts with launch of ‘Polls’

Spotify today is introducing a brand-new peculiarity designed to realise podcasts more interactive. The company says it’s beginning to evaluation “Polls,” a tool that will allow listeners to engage with podcasts by answering questions posed by the podcast emcees during the show. The ballots will appear in the Spotify app, and can be found either on the Now Playing screen or on the podcast episode’s page.

The user can then answer the question and judgment how their reaction stacks up with the rest of the listener locate in real-time. They won’t, however, be able to view the results of the poll without first participating themselves.

Participation in surveys is alone optional, Spotify says, and the votes will remain anonymous.

In other terms, the goal is not to accumulate individualized data on listeners, but very give the podcast host a path to better understand their audience. For example, a legion could ask the audience to vote on who the next client is advisable to, or they could ask them to settle a debate that cropped up on the prove. Polls will also be able to support either a “choose one” or” choice several” option for the answers, to give them some flexibility.

Image Credits: Spotify

Podcasts that support polls will only be able to feature one per episode, and each poll is impossible to pose one question. But there’s no limit to how many total tallies the podcast, overall, could include — the developer could render an opinion poll with every chapter, if they preferred.

At launch, the surveys peculiarity is only being made available to a small group of beta testers, including The Rewatchables, Incredible Feats with Dan Cummins, and Crime Countdown. Spotify tells TechCrunch it plans to onboard other Spotify Originals and Exclusives over epoch, as the test progresses. But there’s no specific ETA or timeline for that expansion, at present.

The test will roll out to most Spotify listeners beginning today, September 23. The full Spotify user base will be able to see the tallies later on, the company says. This is being considered the start of the beta because no other podcasts have measured the peculiarity ahead of today’s announcement.

This is not the first feature Spotify has introduced to make its app the prefered podcast player.

The company has in the past too went out support for podcast playlists, personalized daily podcast recommendations, editorially curated podcast suggestions, and, more recently, video podcasts and podcast top maps. But where many of its other pieces were designed to attract customers to the Spotify app, the additive of Polls is also meant to cater to podcast architects , not just fans.

Spotify today has one of the largest podcast lists , now topping 1.5 million podcasts, thanks to its investments in acquiring podcast companies, like Gimlet Media and the Ringer, as well as podcasting tools, like Anchor.

The company, however, just lost one of its biggest exclusive podcast aces, Joe Budden, when it failed to come to calls on a new deal, even after give the author a significant raise.

Image Credits: Spotify

Spotify has also been facing the downside of its aggressive podcast acquisition programme in recent daytimes, as it dealt with the reaction over its $100 million exclusive deal with Joe Rogan. The podcast host had been spreading misinformation about the Oregon forest attacks, which he afterward apologized for. But Spotify faced defamation from listeners and bad PR as parties has been informed of the problem.

That occurrence highlighted the difficulties with Spotify’s “exclusives” strategy, where it’s not just buying access to a large star and their gathering, but likewise the headaches they bring with them.

In the meantime, it’s continues to try and woo more podcasters to join its pulpit by offering imaginative tools and boasts, like these new Polls.

During the test, Polls will be available for 90% of of users across all business, on both iOS and Android devices.

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