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Some tech I loved is getting worse and I’m mad

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February 3, 2020

Some tech I loved is getting worse and I’m mad

Time is supposed to fix engineering better. The notion is simple: With more time, humen acquire newer, better technology and our lives improve. Except for when the opposite happens.

Google is a good example of this. I’ve been harping on such matters for a while now. Google mobile search, in case you haven’t exerted it lately, is bad. It often returns bloated debris that looks like a cross between new Yahoo and original Bing.

Here’s how it butchered a research query for “Metallica” this morning 😛 TAGEND

Remember when that interface was simpler, and easier to use, and didn’t try to do literally every possible thing for every possible user at once?

It’s not just Google’s mobile inquiry interface that stimulates me want to claw my noses out and learn how to talk to trees. Everyone now knows that Mountain View has effectively given up on trying to distinguish ads from organic solutions( Does the company view them as interchangeable? Probably ?). TechCrunch’s Natasha Lomas comprised the company’s recent investigation answer motif changes today, announcing them “user-hostile,” going on to summarize the choices as its” latest dark pattern .”

Google’s latest user-hostile design change makes ads and search results watch indistinguishable

Google, formerly obsessive about super-clean, fast ensues, is now trying to help you way too much on portable and moron you on Chrome.

Chrome itself kinda suctions, and is getting worse. But we all know that. Of track, that all this is shaking out around the same time that the company’s founders left is, you are well aware , not shocking.

I’d too throw TweetDeck into the mix. It’s garbage-slow and slows and sucks RAM. Twitter has effectively decided that its power consumers are moronics who don’t deserve good code. Oh, and Twitter is deprecating some cool analytics aspects it used to give out to users about their followers.

Chrome and TweetDeck are joined by apps like Slack that are also slowing down over day. It appears that as every developer writes code on personal computers with 64,000 gigs of RAM, they infer that they can waste everyone else’s. God forbid if you have the piddle 16 gigs of RAM that my work machine has. Your computer is going to lag and often crash. Great work, everyone!

Also, fucking mobile apps. I have two phones now because that’s how 2020 directs and I have more apps than I know what to do with , not to mention two different password managers, Okta and more. I’m so kitted out I can’t breathe. I have so many implements available to me I principally just want to made them all down. Leave me alone! Or exclusively show me the thing I need — not everything at once!

Anyhoo, video games are still pretty good as long as you avoid most Battle Royale deeds, micropayments, and EA. Kinda.

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