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Softr scores $2.2M seed for its no-code website and web app platform powered by Airtable

No-code — software that lets you accomplish tasks that previously expected coding sciences — is an increasingly hot space, even if the basic premise has been promised and not fully realised for many years. Related to this are companionships like Airtable, which attempt to clear improving relational databases and asking them as easy as creating a spreadsheet. Now Softr, a startup out of Berlin, wants to push the no-code concept further by making use of it easy to build websites on top of Airtable without the need to write code.

Recently soft propelled on Product Hunt, today the young company is disclosing $2.2 million in grain funding, having previously been bootstrapped by its two Armenian founders, CEO Mariam Hakobyan and CTO Artur Mkrtchyan. Leading the round is Atlantic Labs, along with Philipp Moehring( Tiny.VC) and founders from GitHub, SumUp, Zeitgold, EyeEm and Rows.

Started in 2019, Softr has built a no-code platform to enable anybody to build websites and entanglement apps based on data housed in Airtable. The opinion is to let Airtable do the database grunt work, working in partnership with Softr’s relatively flexible but template-driven approach to website and web app creation.

Softr’s Hakobyan explains that out of the box the startup furnishes templates for anything from a simple marketing website to web apps for an e-commerce store, activity council, marketplace and more. Those employments can include functionality like used authentication, gated material, remittances, upvoting, and mentioning etc.

” Softr has zero learning arch and can literally be used by anyone without a tech background, as it synopsis away all the technological appearances and focuses the user on product structure and material, rather than technology ,” she clarifies.” Softr exerts Airtable as the database, as it spawns it easy creating and sharing relational databases, without having to learn SQL or writing. Airtable has gotten moderately popular in the last few years and is used not only by individuals but too Fortune 500 firms “.

Image Credits: Softr

To that resolve, Hakobyan says Softr’s magic is that it uses the concept of “pre-built building blocks”( listings, used accounts, pays etc) and business logic to handle most of the ponderous lifting on behalf of the website creator.” When exercising blocks and templates .. ., 70% of the work is already done for the user ,” she explains.

In addition, Softr connects to favourite services like Stripe, Paypal, Mailchimp, Zapier, Integromat, Hotjar, Google Analytics, Hubspot, Drift and others.

Softr is currently used by “several thousands of producers and startups”. Examples of lotions that customers have built on Softr include a language learning school with membership, a baby-sitters booking marketplace, and a community with gated material and online courses.

Armed with capital, Softr plans to expand its customer base to non-tech functions of SMBs to help them build internal tooling, such as employee indices, make records, real estate leanings etc ., and to automate manual processes.

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