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Snyk acquires DeepCode to boost its code review smarts

Switzerland-based machine learning code review startup DeepCode — which statutes itself as’ Grammarly for coders’ — has been acquired by Snyk, a post-unicorn valuation cybersecurity startup which is focused on helping developers ensure their code.

Financial words of the deal have not been disclosed. But the’ big code’ parsing startup has there collected around $5.2 M since being founded back in 2016, per CrunchBase — primarily recently closing a $ 4M seed round from investors including Earlybird, 3VC and btov Partners last year.

DeepCode CEO and co-founder Boris Paskalev demonstrated the whole team is “eagerly” connect Snyk to continue what he couched as” members of the mission of procreating semantic AI-driven code analysis available for every developer on the planet “.

” DeepCode as a company will continue to exist( perfectly owned by Snyk ), the authorities concerned will save and plan to grow the Zurich office and tap into the amazing talent pool here and we will continue supporting and expanding the cutting-edge product offering for the global increase society ,” Paskalev told TechCrunch.

Asked whether DeepCode’s product will continue to exist as a standalone in the future or whether full digestion into Snyk’s scaffold will include closing down the code-review bot it currently offers makes he said no decision has already been been taken.

” We are still to evaluate that in details but the main objective to sustain/ expand the benefits that we offer to all makes and specifically to grow the open-source adoption and date ,” he said, adding:” Initially clearly nothing will change and the DeepCode product will remain as a standalone make .”

” Both corporations have a very clear vision and rage for developer-first and curing developers and security crews to further reduce risk and become more productive ,” Paskalev added.

In a statement foretell the acquisition Snyk said here today will be integrating DeepCode’s technology into its Cloud Native Application Security platform — going on to tout the benefits of bolting on its AI engine which it said would enable makes to” more quickly identify vulnerabilities “.

” DeepCode’s AI engine are helpful in Snyk both addition move and ensure a brand-new position of accuracy in see and fastening vulnerabilities, while constantly learning from the Snyk vulnerability database to become smarter ,” wrote CEO Peter McKay.” It will enable an even faster integration for makes, testing for controversies while they develop rather than as an additional step. And it will further increase the accuracy of our results, approximately eliminating the need to waste time chasing down mistaken positives .”

Among the features that have impressed Snyk about DeepCode, McKay lauded code scan that’s” 10 -5 0x faster than alternatives “; and what he described as an” outstanding developer UX” — which allows for” high precision semantic code analysis in real-time” because examining is carried out at the IDE and git level.

In its own blog post about the acquisition of the ETH Zurich spin-off, colleges and universities writes that the AI startup’s” decisive advantage” is that’ it has developed the first AI system that can learn from billions of program codes promptly, enabling AI- located sensing of security and reliability code publications “.

” DeepCode is an excellent example of a modern AI system that can learn from data, planned codes in such cases, more remain transparent and interpretable for humans ,” it adds.

The university research work underpinning DeepCode dates back to 2013 — when its co-founders were figuring out how to combine data- driven machine learning methods with semantic static code analysis methods based on symbolic infer, per the blog post.

DeepCode’s tech currently reaches more than 4M lending makes, with more than 100,000 storehouses subscribed to its service.

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