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Snap acquired Voisey, an app to create music tracks overlaying your own vocals

Snapchat cured colonist the use of lenses on faces in photos and videos to turn regular illustration sends into fantastical creations where humans can look like, say, felines, and even cats can wear festival-chic flower crowns. Now it sounds like the company might be turning the special attention … to sound.

The company appears to have acquired Voisey, a U.K. startup that features instrumentals that you overlay with your own voice to create short music trails( and videos ), and likewise tells musicians upload instrumentals that become the basis for those tracks. Customers can apply audio filters( like auto-tune, automated harmonies and some funny twists like a Billie-Eilish-ish impression) to their express; and they can browse and consider other people’s Voisey tracks.

The outcomes seem something like this or this.

The deal was first reported by Business Insider, which noted Voisey had changed its company address in London to that of Snap’s. In addition to being able to that, we have seen that filings in Companies House indicate that the the four people who co-founded the startup — Dag Langfoss-Haland, Pal Wagtskjold-Myran, Erlend Drevdal Hausken and Oliver Barnes — as well as the startup’s first two investors — Terry Steven Fisher and Jason Lee Brook — all resigned as directors of the company on October 21. At the same time, two works at Snap — Atul Manilal Porwal on the legal squad and international controller Amanda Louise Reid — were assigned directorship roles.

Snap’s London spokesperson Tanya Ridd said Snap declined to comment for this story. Voisey did not respond to our email.

Voisey had raised only $1.88 million to date( per PitchBook data ), and it’s graded at 143 in iOS in Music in the U.S. currently, according to AppAnnie stats. It’s not clear how much Snap would have paid for the startup, but the news comes on the heels of a Snap filing earlier this month that indicated that the U.K. entity, which is still loss-making, is poised to borrow up to $ 500 million, so there is possibly some cash for acquisitions reserved as part of that.

Voisey has been described in the past as a” TikTok for music formation “. And it does search a bit like the popular video app, which like Voisey is also focused around user-generated content. Voisey has a distinctly stronger make feel to it, and there has even been at least one vocalist detected on the pulpit. The Billie Eilish-esque Olivia Knight, who goes by very ” poutyface ,” signed with Island Records/ Warner Chappell earlier this year.

On the other hand, TikTok — at least for now — is less about music innovation and more about parties starting other kinds of content — dancing, written sends, chitchat — set to music. We write “for now” because TikTok’s parent ByteDance has also quietly acquired resources for music formation, so maybe we should watch this space.

It’s not clear whether Snap would look to integrate some or all of Voisey’s features into its flagship app Snapchat to create brand-new music works, or guided Voisey as a separate app( with easy hits into Snapchat ), or a combination of the two. Based on experience it could be any of these.

Snap has been slowly building up its music cred, but up to now that has felt more like work to clone TikTok: last month, it launched Sounds on Snapchat, a feature to let beings include tunes to their Stories, to manufacture them, well, more like TikTok videos. That has come with a growing trove of licensing is working with large-hearted publishers.

Even before it propelled that, Snap hadn’t neglected the ability of bang entirely. It has been offering voice filters, to give your videos a more comedic construction, for years previously. But with music being one of the most engaging of formats on social media, Voisey could potentially open Snap, and Snapchat, a leg up in the piece scoot with a scaffold to build original content.

What’s interesting is the timing of this deal.

It was just last week that we revealed another voice-focused acquisition of Snap’s, the Israeli startup, which it acquired for $ 70 million( although a close source feuded that and said it’s $120 million …).

Snap acquired, which starts AI-based spokesperson workers for see middles

As with Voisey , no message on where tech will be used, but is an AI-based startup that causes companies create interactive voice-based chatbots for customer service interactions. That could see Snap expanding the kinds of services it provides to businesses, or expanding how people can interact employing voice on its existing services, specific its Spectacles, or both( or, again, something completely different ).

Put together with the Voisey deal, it’s a sign of the company doing a lot more than simply snapping pictures.

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