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Singapore-based fintech STACS raises $3.6M to develop blockchain platforms for financial institutions

Singapore-based fintech Hashstacs Pte Ltd( STACS ) has announced that it has raised $3.6 million USD in pre-Series A funding. The firm develops blockchain stages that can work with financial institutions’ existing infrastructure, and its core engineering is also used in GreenSTACS for environmental, social and governance( ESG) investments. The round was led by Wavemaker Partners, which concentrates on enterprise and deep tech companies in Southeast Asia, with participation from the Tribe Accelerator, a programme designed for blockchain startups backed by the Singaporean government. STACS participated in Tribe last year, along with Project Ubin, the Monetary Authority of Singapore’s blockchain-based multi-currency pays network initiative.

Project Ubin, the Singaporean money authority’s blockchain strategy, moves closer to commercialization

Founded in 2019, STACS has now fostered a total of more than$ 6 million and is preparing to raise Series A funding last-minute this year. The company’s goal is to fix fragmentation in the tech structures used by financial institutions that can result in capital being locked in international make arrangements, a build-up of event rewards and fines for sells that fail to settle. Its core solution is a technology stack that is built around STACS blockchain. It stands clients to integrate payment programmes( including Ubin ), trading stages and external software like user management systems, while enabling smart contracts and digital ledgers.

STACS’ makes include a real-time trade processing stage that is used by consumers like Eastspring Investment and BNP Paribas Securities Service. Some of its other purchasers are Deutsche Bank, Bursa Malaysia, EFG Bank and Bluecell Intelligence. STACS co-founder and managing director Benjamin Soh told TechCrunch that STACS is targeting a system of more than 30 conservatories by the end of this year.

GreenSTACS launched last-place month in a partnerships with Bluecell Intelligence to help companies guarantee and observe green and sustainability-related credits and bonds.

Soh said in an email that STACS received many requests from financial institutions that needed to perform impact observing on ESG programmes, but were not able to do so effectively because “information sources are asymmetric, “were not receiving” common data infrastructure and sufficing of ESG financing is typically too inefficient.”

STACS’ goal is to oblige GreenSTACS “the common infrastructure” for ESG financing and wallop monitoring, he computed. The scaffold enables lend and ligament constants to be programmed into security clues and connects with data sources, like IoT inventions or satellite likeness, to create real-time impact reports on a strewn record. This helps prevent “greenwashing, ” a expression that refers to preparing something seem more environmentally-friendly or sustainable than it really is.

“Essentially, this would boost investors’ and banks’ confidence with light-green financing by ensuring green fund is solely used in achieving pledged dark-green points and policies, ” said Soh.

In a press statement, Wavemaker general spouse Gavin Lee said, “There is an immense opportunity to help financial institutions process large volumes of trade more quickly, securely and precisely while reducing costs and illiquid capital. As an enterprise strewed ledger engineering provider, STACS has productized a fasten bed that can be deployed instantly above existing infrastructure. Enterprise marketings is never easy for young companies, but Benjamin is a convincing and seasoned serial entrepreneur who has secured innumerable contributing financial institutions as key clients.”

European VC funds are building community around ESG strategies

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