VideoReel - Personal

VideoReel - Personal

Shauntel Garvey of Reach Capital will join us to judge this year’s Startup Battlefield

TechCrunch’s Startup Battlefield is one of the most popular parts of our annual TechCrunch Disrupt conference which is happening on September 21 -2 3 this year. Now we’re very excited to disclose one of the punishment people who will be judging Startup Battlefield at this year’s all-virtual phenomenon in September: Shauntel Garvey, a general spouse at Reach Capital, a VC specializing in the world of education technology.

Startup Battlefield learns startups exercising far and wide for a chance to pitch their ideas to a body, and to all of us in the gathering, handing the finalists a lot of exposure and a shot at winning the stately booty of $50,000. Startups: You can apply to be a part of the action now.

Edtech has met a huge surge of interest in the last year of pandemic living, and that’s led to a pretty striking rise in education startups, more funding for education technology and a lot more attention paid to singers in edtech.

That’s because not only is edtech of huge importance to civilization and their own economies, but those in the field have picked up a lot of learns that they are applicable well outside of edtech.

They know firsthand about commitment and how to get onto; connecting with bigger ecosystems of stakeholders; learning to work with public and private people; and the ins and outs of tapping into the latest innovations in areas like streaming, artificial intelligence and graphics to get the most out of a concept.

All of this reaches Garvey a great person to have as a reviewer, person with specific-area knowledge but particularly aware of how it relates to the wider challenges and opportunities in tech.

Garvey is a co-founder and general marriage at Reach Capital, a Silicon Valley VC focused on the wider opportunity within the educational spectrum, backing the likes of ClassDojo, Springboard, Outschool, Handshake, Winnie and many more. Garvey herself currently sits on the boards of Riipen, FourthRev, Holberton School and Ellevation Education.

Her experience in edtech provides back times. Before Reach, she was a partner at the NewSchools Seed Fund and she has invested in more than 40 early-stage edtech corporations, including Newsela, Nearpod and SchoolMint. She is also not all about edtech: Before turning to education and startups, Garvey taught and operated as a chemical architect. We’re really would like to have her input as a Startup Battlefield judge.

If you haven’t gotten your tickets hitherto, TechCrunch Disrupt is coming up around the corner, September 21 -2 3. This will be our second time of having the conference in an all-virtual format, and we have a lot of enormous orators, networking opportunities and other things schemed — free of physical restrictions, we can fly! — and we really hope you’ll assemble us.

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