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Samsung’s QD Display tech aims to unlock brighter, more colorful OLED TVs

Samsung is best known for its QLED TVs but at CES 2022, after years of building up hype, the company’s Display subsidiary launched its brand-new QD-OLED technology and it promises to take on the best OLED TVs from LG. The tech is different from your standard OLED in that it merely employs off-color organic light-emitting diodes. Those diodes then shine the sun they produce through a series of quantum flecks, giving the panel to produce the full spectrum of emblazon evident to the human nose. The approaching has several advantages.

The most notable, particularly is comparable to current OLED flaunts, is that the panel can get a lot brighter. In a demo FlatspanelsHD received at Ce, one expose rendered more than 1,000 nits of crest brightness across a 10 percentage space. For similarity, some of the more recent TVs from LG can make between 700 nits and 1,000 nits of brightness across the same area. Brightness is something LG has consistently tried to address with its WOLD committees. In December, the company’s display subsidiary unveiled its “OLED EX” tech, claiming it would enhance brightness by up to 30 percent compared to conventional OLED displays.

Another advantage of the technology is better color performance. The committees Samsung Display depicted off at Ces 2022 embraced 90 percent of the Rec. 2020 dye assortment. LG’s WOLED committees, which beings frequently praise for their accurate and vibrant emblazons, reached about 70 percent of the Rec. 2020 standard. Lastly, considering inclinations are improved. In addition to TVs, the technology will make its way to gaming monitors, with Samsung and Dell planning to use the tech in 34-inch spectacles.

We’ll have to see how the panels perform in the real world, but at least on paper, QD-OLED could easily become the new standard for high-end consumer TVs. One of the first companionships set to release a TV with a QD-OLED panel is Sony with its A9 5K provides. Regrettably, Sony has yet to announce how much those TVs will cost, and we won’t know until closer to release sometime this spring.

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