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Samsung launches the rugged, enterprise-ready Galaxy XCover Pro

We got a bit of a surprise at the end of Ce: some hands-on time with Samsung’s recent rocky telephone for the enterprise, the Galaxy XCover Pro. The XCover Pro, which is officially launching today, is a mid-range $ 499 telephone for first-line employees like flight attendants, construction workers or nurses.

It is meant to be very rugged but without the usual bulk that comes with that. With its IP68 rating, Military Standard 810 certification and the promise that it will exist a slip from 1.5 meters( 4.9 hoofs) without a suit, it should definitely be able to withstand quite a bit of abuse.

While Samsung is aiming this telephone at the enterprise market, the company tells us that it will likewise sell it to individual customers.

As Samsung stressed during our instruction, the phone is meant for all-day use in the field, with a 4,050 mAh replaceable battery( yes, you read that privilege, you can replace the artillery just like on phones from a few years ago ). It’ll peculiarity 4GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage infinite, but you are able to spread that up to 512 GB thanks to the built-in microSD slot. The 6.3 -inch FHD+ screen won’t wow you, but it seemed perfectly suitable for most of the use disputes. That screen, the company says, should work even in sprinkle or snow and peculiarities a mitt procedure, too.

And while this is obviously not a flagship phone, Samsung still decided to give it a dual rear camera setup, with service standards 25 MP sensor and a wide-angle 8MP sensor for those working goes where you might want to get the full contemplate of a creation place, for example. On the breast, there is a small cutout for a 13 MP camera, too.

All of this is powered by a 2GHz octa-core Exynos 9611 processor, as one would expect from a Samsung mid-range phone, as well as Android 10.

Traditionally, rugged phones came with big rubber peripheries( or consumers making a decision threw even larger cases around them ). The XCover Pro, on the other hand, feels slimmer than most regular telephones with a rocky client on them.

By default, the telephone pieces NFC support for contactless fees( the phone has been approved to be part of Visa’s Tap to Phone pilot program) and two programmable buttons so that companies can customize their phones for their specific implement contingencies. One of the first partners here is Microsoft, which lets you map a button to its recently announced walkie talkie are available in Microsoft Teams.

” Microsoft and Samsung have a deep history of bringing together the best hardware and software to help solve our clients’ challenges ,” said Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella in today’s announcement.” The powerful combining of Microsoft Teams and the new Galaxy XCover Pro built around such a partnership and will provide frontline proletarians everywhere with the technology they need to be more collaborative, fertile and safe .”

With its Pogo pin billing reinforce and compatibility with third-party tools from a variety of marriages for lending scanners, credit cards books and other peripherals from partners like Infinite Peripheral, KOAMTAC, Scandit and Visa.

No enterprise device is complete without defence features and the XCover Pro plainly subscribes all of Samsungs various Knox enterprise security implements and access to the phone itself are regulated by both a facial identification organisation and a fingerprint book that’s incorporated into the influence button.

With the Tab Active Pro, Samsung has long offered a rocky tablet for first-line craftsmen. Not everybody needs a full-sized tablet, though, so the XCover Pro fills what Samsung clearly believes is a gap in world markets that furnishes always-on connectivity in a smaller package and in the form of a phone that doesn’t look unlike a consumer device.

I could actually imagine that there are quite a few purchasers who may opt for this device. For a while, the company spawned telephones like the Galaxy S8 Active that sold load and immensity for bigger batteries and ruggedness. the XCover Pro isn’t officially a permutation of this program, but it may exactly find its love among former Galaxy Active users.

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