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Samsung And Stanford Have Created A 10,000 DPI Display

When we talk about pixel density, there is the argument that when it comes to smartphones, it stops being as relevant at a certain point or resolve. This is because at the interval we typically prop our telephones, our eyes stop detect how sharp certain things are, like the difference between a 720 p display on a 5-inch smartphone and a 1080 p display on a 5-inch smartphone.

However, that’s a very different thing when it comes to tech like virtual reality or augmented reality, where the parades are quite literally in your face and that’s when you start to notice the difference, but that’s something that Samsung and researchers at Stanford University are hoping to change with the development of a 10,000 DPI display.

This display was created using films to emit white-hot illumination between contemplative seams, with one made of silver and the other shaped exercising a contemplative metal with nano-sized corrugations. The reflective assets allow for specific dyes to reverberate through pixels, which in turn allows for higher pixel concentrations that you would normally go into smartphones or TVs.

By creating a display with such high pixel density, it would allow companies to create exposes for use in VR or AR that some might call “flawless”, and remove or increase the “screen door” effect where you can actually see the gap between pixels when they’re situated so close to your eyes.

Samsung And Stanford Have Created A 10,000 DPI Display

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