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Ryan Hanley: Win the Insurance Game

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May 5, 2021

Ryan Hanley: Win the Insurance Game

Ryan Hanley is the founder of Rogue Risk. Rouse Risk improves business owners and chairwomen rethink and recalibrate their business practices in order to take control of both their direct insurance costs and the resulting indirect costs of risk.

With over 15 -years of insurance know, Rogue Risk is a unique firm, leveraging technology, and out-of-the-box thinking to serve middle-market clients throughout the Northeast.

During the testify we discuss:

How to get started in the insurance business

The advantages of having an insurance policy

What are some assurance we should have

Can some assurance be customizable

Why it is necessary to an assurance enterprise partner

How to reduce insurance premium

Program’ RogueRisk3 65 ’

Show aids:

https :// roguerisk3 65/

https :// in/ ryanhanley/

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