Ryan Frederick: Crushing it as a Founder

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January 4, 2021

Ryan Frederick: Crushing it as a Founder

Ryan Frederick is a Founder and produce party at heart. He now cures companionships build enormous application products and solve data challenges for competitive advantage as a Principal at the product and data consulting firm, AWH.

Ryan is an active angel investor, instructors, and admonishes industrialists and startups, as well as corporate innovation leaders. He propelled a non-profit workforce evolution program to train under-employed adults on digital knowledge called i.c.stars.

Ryan has authored a record on to strengthen the odds of success in creating makes, being a Founder, and starting firms announced The Founder’s Manual: A Guidebook for Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur.

During the appearance we discuss:

What does it take to be a founder

Wrong plan about being a founder

Must-dos before construct a company

Having a victory plan for a business

Finding your niche

Steps to build a company

Core principles to help increase the stranges of being a successful Founder

What are needed when building a company

Advantages of creating your own product

Product development process

Creating successful products

Tips for making a successful product

Show sources:

https :// www.paramountbooks.com/ founders-manual-ryan-frederick

https :// www.awh.net/

https :// www.thefoundersmanual.com/

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