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Roland has been constituting inroads into the Pro AV space for a while. The AeroCaster VRC-0 1 is its recent hardware offering in this space with a focus on streamers and pioneers. The mini video-switching console operates almost entirely wirelessly and allows a multi-source video setup exerting really phones and laptops over WiFi or cellular.

You’ll need to connect the AeroCaster to an iPad to run the main mixing software, but all the other video inputs are wireless via either Roland’s own AeroCaster Camera mobile app or laptop users can remote screen share via Chrome. In short, if you ever wanted to make a multi-cam podcast or music video, but don’t require the headache of various dedicated cameras, AeroCaster will let you do it with the phones you might once have.

Roland has some pretty strong credentials in this space thanks to its V-series of Pro AV video switchers and mixers. The VRC-0 1 appears to be a more consumer-friendly option with a focus on Twitchers and YouTubers( though you can also stream to Facebook Live or any RTMP channel extremely ). From the console you can switch cameras and mix audio in real day. There are two combo XLR inputs for pro-grade microphones or TRS/ phone input along with some simple audio impressions such as reverb and lip sync delay.

A lot of the above functionality was already possible via some of Roland’s higher-end paraphernalium and its AeroCaster Switcher app, but the VRC-0 1 and brand-new assistant iPad app seem more streamlined and accessible. In numerous rooms, it feels like the video-friendly sibling to the GO: Mixer Pro X with both provide “prosumer” features in a smaller, more affordable bundle.

The VRC-O1 will be contained in March and costs $295.

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