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Ring Launches Video End-To-End Encryption For Its Doorbells And Cameras

Ring is a maker of smart home maneuvers like defence cameras and buzzers that can stream video. There is some concern that maybe these video feeds “couldve been” hacked and allow a intruder to see through your camera, but the good news for those of you who own a Ring device is that the company has introduced an update that acquaints end-to-end video encryption.

According to Ring, the company notes that by default, videos are encrypted while they are being uploaded to the cloud and stored on the company’s servers. However, with this update, it delivers additional security and peace of mind as it would only give an approved invention, like your smartphone, to decrypt the video and watch it.

The company says, “With End-to-End Encryption, purchaser videos are further procured with an additional lock, which can only be unlocked by a key that is stored on the customer’s recruited mobile maneuver, designed so that simply the customer can decrypt and deem enters on their enrolled device.”

This update is expected to be wheeled out over the course of the coming months. Ring does state that users will have to enable the aspect through the Control Center in the Ring app, meaning that end-to-end encryption is not enabled by default. More detailed information on how to use this peculiarity can be found on Ring’s Help Center page.

Ring Launches Video End-To-End Encryption For Its Doorbells And Cameras

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