Realme’s latest flagship phone apparently feels like paper

It was only a matter of time before someone other than Fairphone delivered a sustainability-themed smartphone( which is a good thing, of course ). Realme, the sister brand of Oppo and OnePlus, announced that its upcoming flagship GT 2 Pro boasts an eco-friendly bio-polymer material on its back cover — apparently a first in the mobile industry. Better yet, Realme has once again was working with Muji and Infobar series scheme icon Naoto Fukasawa, who finished the GT 2 Pro’s designing with a textured paper feel on their own bodies. They announce this “Paper Tech Master Design.”

Realme GT 2 ProRealme

This bio-polymer material, provided for by Saudi Arabia’s SABIC, is based on paper pulp, and it has obtained International Sustainability and Carbon Certification( or ISCC in short) to prove future environmental friendliness. The Realme GT 2 Pro’s carton also works much less plastic than its predecessor — from an overall plastic fraction of 21.7 percent down to a merely 0.3 percent.

The phone itself parcels some surprises, very. For one, it’s one of the first maneuvers to be powered by Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset, following the Moto Edge X30. The GT 2 Pro is also the world’s first smartphone with a 150 -degree ultra-wide camera( most are at around 120 stages ), which provides for a unique fisheye camera state for some fun photography.

There are also some noteworthy peculiarities on the radio place. In Realme’s “Antenna Array Matrix System” now, there’s the “world’s first” ultra-wide-band antenna switching technology, which makes the phone switch to whichever of the 12 antennae has the best signal concentration. In additive, this system consists of a symmetrical Wi-Fi antenna which apparently improves signal stability by up to 20 percentage.

NFC 3 antenna arrayRealme

But the most interesting feature here is perhaps the “3 60 -degree NFC, ” which is achieved by hooking up the NFC module to the top two cellular feelers as well as its own, thus modelling an “NFC 3 feeler array.” This allows the upper part of the GT 2 Pro to read NFC on either side, which should procreate the likes of contactless pay and Bluetooth pairing easier.

For now, the Realme GT 2 Pro is only slated for a China launch at 7:30 PM regional time( 6:30 AM ET) on January 4th, 2022, but a company spokesperson confirmed that it will eventually go overseas. Given the brand’s track record, this maneuver will likely be competitively priced, but we’re only enthusiastic to check out Fukasawa’s latest mobile design in person — specially the supposedly paper-like texture. Stay carolled for more technological specs, expenditures and our hands-on.

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