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Rakuten Mobile’s low-cost data plan fully launches in Japan

Rakuten Mobile announced the full business launch of its low-cost data strategy in Japan today. Priced at 2,980 yens( about $27) per month, the project presents users unlimited calls and data where Rakuten has its own networks. The firm too caused the amount of domestic roaming data in response to increased habit of remote labor and online education tools.

Earlier this week, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe declared emergency situations in seven prefectures, including Tokyo, after a new wave of COVID-1 9 actions in March. The line-up demonstrates prefectural leaders the power to request closure of collects and enterprises considered non-essential. Public schools in Tokyo and surrounding areas closed earlier this year and are not expected to re-open until early May.

In addition to serving increased need for online services during the pandemic, Rakuten Mobile’s pricing may also help it compete against Japan’s largest carriers-NTT Docomo, KDDI and SoftBank. Rakuten Mobile uses what the company says is the world’s first virtualized mobile structure, which in turn requires less hardware infrastructure, lowering deployments costs and in turn allowing the company to offer more economical rates.

Last year, the company said it will have a total of 4, 000 boundary servers in Japan by the mobile service’s launch. Rakuten Mobile expects its network to cover all of Japan by next March.

Called Rakuten UN-LIMIT 2.0, the company’s current scheme presents users 5GB of roaming data in areas where Rakuten Mobile has collaborators, and unlimited straying data at a maximum speed of 1Mbps after the limit is reached. The original Rakuten UN-LIMIT plan offered 2GB of domestic roaming, and maximum 128 kbps speed.

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