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Pro Evolution Soccer will become ‘eFootball’ in free-to-play shift

Konami’s religion Pro Evolution Soccerseries is trying a brand-new tactic in its endless conflict against FIFA. To stand out from its bigger challenger, the football dealership is adopting a new epithet, eFootball, and disappearing free-to-play on consoles, PC and mobile.

Clearly, this isn’t a one-off. Konami has rebuilt the game using Unreal engine as part of the shift to providing a digital service. The biggest change to gameplay is the brand-new “motion matching” technology designed to realise musician animations most realistic. Gamers will choose from different progress in real-time during accords. Accompanying as the original Pro Evo’s gameplay is what helped to distinguish it from FIFA, motion matching could prove a utter or transgress feature.

As you’d are waiting for an F2P title, eFootball will regularly receive new updates after its start this sink. Konami will have to tread with maintenance, nonetheless. Free-to-play games have attracted the ire of musicians and regulators alike due to their exploitative sort, best summed up by loot boxes that expense real money to obtain. The last thing the storied developer miss is to sully Pro Evo’s reputation. Maybe, that’s why it’s changing it.

But, the news will probably raise alarm bells for devotees. Konami said that only “local matches” peculiarity FC Barcelona, Juventus, FC Bayern, Manchester United “and others” will be available for free at launch. While, certain play modes will later be sold as optional DLC, “giving musicians the freedom to build an experience” that competitors their interests. It’s a major danger that Konami is sketching on to restore the franchise as a regular feature in dorms and living rooms around the world.

The game will territory in early sink with cross-generation matchmaking between current and last-gen PlayStation and Xbox consoles. Later in the drop, you can expect a managerial-style team building mode, online organizations, and a coincide pass plan that payoffs you with items and players. At the same time, cross-platform play will be introduced between consoles and PC. The winter “il be seeing” the exhaust of portable controller endorsement, full cross-play including mobile and the launching of professional and amateur eSports tournaments.

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