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Priti Youssef Choksi explains how to get your startup acquired — not sold

Today, Priti Youssef Choksi is a partner with crusade house Norwest Venture Partners. But she previously invested five-and-a-half years at Google, where she worked on strategic partnerships, and virtually nine years at Facebook, where she began in corporate occurrence and later focused on M& A.

Because Choksi knows firsthand how some of the biggest corporations on the planet think about potential acquisition targets and how batches ultimately come together, we asked if she would share some of those insights with us during our recent founder-centric Early Stage event. The hypothesi was to enable attendees better how understand better how — and why — certain possessions come together; her advice was so helpful that we wanted to share it more widely here.

So where to start? Choksi showed people first understand the” body-build, marriage, or buy” mentality of large-scale acquirers. Certainly, while administers can appear very much alike to interlopers( a bargain is a deal is a deal ), they are not. First, big companies will build internally if they are bolstering a tactical resource or what they need involves sensitive intelligence or technology. A good example of something that Google would never buy, for example, is scour tech, because investigation is the company’s crown jewel, she memo. Corporations will meanwhile partner in order to fill a produce or service crack or when they’re looking to stand up a new platform, she said, pointing to the early days of Google’s Android ecosystem.

As for when they ultimately go shopping, corporations are conducted in accordance with three things, said Choksi: geniu, technology and traction. With endowment, as you might imagine, business may conduct an acqui-hire with the goal of filling a geniu or leader breach internally or to acquire niche skills that their current hires don’t once have, she said.

Companies meanwhile shop for technology when they need outside tech to boost their organic attempts. Choksi pointed to by way of example. Back in 2013, the young company, which give rise to a video-capture, stabilization and sharing app, was acquired by Instagram( which was itself previously owned by Facebook ); a week after it closed the Luma deal, Facebook launched video on Instagram mainly based on Luma’s platform.

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