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Police roll up crime networks in Europe after infiltrating popular encrypted chat app

Hundreds of alleged drug dealer and other crimes are in custody today after police in Europe infiltrated an encrypted schmooze arrangement apparently used by thousands to discuss illegal operations. The total failure of this ostensibly stick approach of communication will likely have a chilling effect on the shadowy industry of crime-focused tech.

“Operation Venetic” was reported by various police bureaux, major regional information shops, and by Motherboard in peculiarly dynamic structure , quoting extensively parties apparently from within the groups affected.

The operation involved hundreds of officers working across numerous business in France, the Netherlands, the U.K ., and other countries. It began in 2017, and culminated a couple of months ago when a service announced EncroChat was spoofed and the messages of tens of thousands of users exposed to police scrutiny.

EncroChat is a step up in some ways from encrypted chitchat apps like Signal and WhatsApp. Rather like Blackberry once did, EncroChat furnished customized hardware, a dedicated OS, and its own servers to users, provisioning an expensive assistance expensing thousands per year rather than a one-time purchase or download.

Messages on the service were supposedly particularly protected and had deniability built in by countenance conversations be edited last-minute — so theoretically a consumer could claim after the fact they never said anything. Motherboard’s Joseph Cox has been following the company for some time and has far more details on its land claims and operations.

Image Credits: EncroChat/

Needless to say those contends were not entirely true, as at some target in early 2020 police managed to introduce malware into the EncroChat system that completely uncovered the conversations and epitomes of its users. Because of the trusted nature of the app, people would honestly discuss remedy slews, assassinations, and other crimes, acquiring them sitting duck for law enforcement.

Throughout the outpouring offender the activities were being cracked open with alarming( to them) regularity, but it wasn’t until May that users and EncroChat managed to employed the bits together. The company attempted to warn its consumers and publication an update, but the cat was out of the luggage. Seeing that its operation was now exposed, the Operation Venetic teams struck.

Arrests across the various countries involved( there were countless sub-operations but France and the Netherlands were the primary researchers) total near a thousand, but precise figures are not clear. Dozens of shoots, tons( metric, naturally) of narcotic and the equivalent of tens of millions of dollars in cash were hijacked. More importantly, the conversation records seem to have provided access to beings higher up the food chain than everyday failures would have.

That the reportedly most popular of encrypted chat fellowships focused on illegal tasks could be so wholly subverted by international authorities will likely put a damper on its competition. But like other, more domestic challenges to encryption, such as the perennial complaints by the FBI, this event is more likely to strengthen the tools in the long run.

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