Philips Hue Bulbs Had A Security Flaw That Allowed Hackers To Remotely Control It

If there is one problem with countless smart dwelling manoeuvres is that how lock they are depends from machine to device. This is because at the moment, “there hasnt” standardized protection amongst these devices, and as such, it’s not startling to learn from time to time that a smart-alecky home design could be compromised.

Such is the case with Philips’ range of Hue smart bulbs, where according to a report from CheckPoint, a certificate blunder within these bulbs was discovered that had it been exploited, would have allowed hackers to remotely access and control the bulbs, while also being able to insert and install malicious firmware.

The issue was initially discovered back in November, but it was only a few weeks ago that the blunder was patched. If you’re squandering a Philips Hue bulb that’s connected to the internet, it should have been automatically updated, but you can always double check the firmware through the app to make sure.

Also, according to Signify( mother company of Philips ), Hue bulbs that were produced in 2018 or later do not “re coming with” the blunder. So if you have recently bought a Hue bulb in the past year or so, you should be safe, although it probably wouldn’t hurt to be safe by ensuring that you have the latest patch installed.

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