Osso VR raises $14 million to bring virtual reality to surgical and medical device training

It seems that distance learning is even coming for the healthcare industry.

As remote work becomes the order of the day in the COVID-1 9 epoch, any implement that can bring training and education services to kinfolks across manufactures is gaining a huge amount of investor interest — and that includes healthcare.

Virtual reality implements like those on offer from Osso VR have been farm investor dollars at a rapid excerpt, and now the Palo Alto, Calif.-based virtual reality spread platform affiliates their ranks with a $14 million round of financing.

The money came from a clutch of investors led by the investment arm of Kaiser Permanente, a healthcare monster whose system of managed care equipment and business distances “the two countries “. Previous patrons and brand-new investors like SignalFire, GSR, Scrum Ventures, Leslie Ventures and OCA Ventures, also participated in the funding.

Osso has watched the adoption of the draft resolution skyrocket during the course of its pandemic as medical device manufacturers and healthcare systems turn to training tools. that don’t require a technician to be physically present.

According to company founder Dr. Justin Barad, the market for medical machine education services alone is currently around$ 3 billion to$ five billion and growing rapidly.

Staffed by a team that comes from Industrial Light and Magic, Electronic Arts, Microsoft, and Apple, Osso VR obligates generic educational material for teaching purposes and then makes company specific virtual reality school videos for companies like Johnson and Johnson. Those makes can run the range from instructional videos on vascular surgery to robotic surgery develop gratuities and tricks.

While Kaiser Permanente Ventures’ Amy Belt Raimundo said that the strategic investor’s decisions to commit capital aren’t based on what Kaiser Permanente works, necessarily, the organization does take its clues from what works want.

” We don’t knot increased investment to a deployment or client contract, but we look for the same signals within Kaiser Permanente ,” said Belt Raimundo. But “the organizations activities” did have works interested in using the Osso technology.” We originated the proclamation that we are looking at[ Osso VR] engineering for call. And that’s where the speculation and commercial decision was signaling off of each other, because the response showed that there was an unmet need there ,” she said.

Osso VR currently has around 30 patrons, 12 of which are in the medical maneuver gap. The firm squanders Oculus Quest headsets and is deployed in 20 teaching hospitals across 20 different countries. In a recent validation study, surgeons improve with Osso VR proved a 230 percentage improvement in overall surgical concert, the company said in a statement.

The goal, according to Barad, a lifelong coder with a game development credit from Activision/ Blizzard, is to democratize healthcare.” This is about improving patient outcomes, democratizing access, and improving education ,” said Barad.” Now that the technology is growing and growing and VR is growing as a stage, we can attack the broader questions ,” in healthcare, he said.

Read more: feedproxy.google.com

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