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Once we have lab-grown meat, will we still need animal advocacy?

Technological innovation has a role to play in advancing moral progress, but so do ethical arguments.

Cell-cultured meat–that is, real meat arise from animal cadres rather than slaughtered animals, also referred to as “cell-based meat,” ” cultured meat ,” and” grew meat ,” among other names–is having a moment. In 2016, San Francisco startup Memphis Meats exhausted a video of the world’s firstly cell-cultured meatball getting fried up in a wash. In 2018, Berkeley-based New Age Flesh told writers taste the first pork sausage growing in a laboratory. And at the end of last year, Eat Just’s cell-cultured chicken nuggets made their macrocosm entry on a diner menu in Singapore. Once considered science fiction, reserved only for members of the Star Trek universe, meat a la in vitro is poised to become available to mere Earthlings across the globe.

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