Numbers Protocol’s blockchain camera Capture App safeguards the integrity of photos

The spread of misinformation and fake news online has a perilous impact on public well-being. Misinformation is difficult to fight, and 73% of Americans surveyed by Pew Research ahead of the presidential election uttered little or no confidence in the ability of major tech companies to keep their platforms from being misused. The open-source Starling Framework for Data Integritywas launched to protect the veracity of online material exerting blockchain engineering, composing “birth certificates” for photos and videos and moving any changes made to them. Numbers Protocol, a Taipei, Taiwan-based startup, founded by Startling Framework collaborators, is now commercializing its tech to make it more widely available.

Numbers is currently presenting its blockchain camera, Capture App, during CES at the Taiwan Tech Arena pavilion. The app is available for download in the App Storeand Google Play.

While journalism, especially citizen journalism, is an self-evident utilization contingency for Capture App, it can also be used by people who want to prove that they created portraits that are being shared online. Digits will lend more pieces to the app, including a video camera.

A screenshot of blockchain camera app Capture App by Taiwan startup Numbers Protocol

All photos taken by the Capture App have their metadata certified and closed on the blockchain( users can adjust privacy arranges if they, for example, don’t want to share their precise location ). Then any changes to the photo, including ones performed with editing software, are find and recorded.

Numbers plans to add a video function to the app and create a channel where people can publish certified material, with the goal of deepening the information industry, co-founder Tammy Yang told TechCrunch.

Before launching Numbers, Yang worked with the Starling Framework, an initiative by Stanford University and the USC Shoah Foundation. The Shoah Foundation’s work includes preserving testimonies from survivors of murder and mass savagery and the Starling Framework’s technology was created to help them precaution photos and videos. The Starling Framework was also used by Reuters reporters to capture, verify and accumulation photos made during the U.S. presidential primaries in March.( The Starling Framework’s other traitors include Filechain, Hala Systems and Protocol Labs ).

The Starling Framework is cooperating with the Shoah Foundation and Reuters to integrate its technology into their workflows, since numerous photojournalists use digital SLRs and programs like Adobe Photoshop. Capture App was created to allow wider access to the same technology.

Fake news and misinformation has created more public awareness of the need to preserve photo stability, said Yang. While there are other business that use blockchain tech to protect data and material, Numbers focuses on certifying photos at their moment of countries of origin, and then continuing to record any alterations.

” We focus very much on the camera itself, so at the time the photo is made, the unity is already cured ,” said Yang.” If material is captivated on a camera app and then replica to a material scaffold, it’s previously very difficult to verify its source. If I take a photo from Facebook and cross-file it on the blockchain, it means nothing. It’s very different if I take a photo with Capture App and immediately create a registration on the blockchain .”

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