Noyo raises $12.5M Series A to keep building its health insurance API business

This morning, Noyo, a startup that requires APIs that associate players in the health insurance space, announced that it has closed a $12.5 million Streaks A round of financing.

The new asset comes less than a year after the startup disclosed that it had raised around$ 4 million in pre-seed and seed asset, and that its product was already in the market.

At the time it was clear that Noyo had a laser focus on its part of the healthcare macrocosm. Now, nearly a year later, the company confirmed to TechCrunch during discussions circumventing its brand-new asset raise that it’s keeping its focus for now.

Linking the carriers and platforms of other policy verticals, or varietals, will have to wait.

But Noyo is working in an enormous market, namely the U.S. health insurance universe, one that could provide it with space to grow for years to come. The startup sells the use of its application programming boundaries, or APIs, which in Noyo’s case countenance the client to” execute, way, and fortify the fulfillment of member transaction requests to carriers ,” quoting the startup’s documentation.

The company’s product was born out of frustration that Noyo co-founders Shannon Goggin and Dennis Lee dealt with while working for Zenefits, an HR tech unicorn that ran into problems with regulators and clients alike. For more on that story, our prior reporting is useful.( Notably, AgentSync is another API startup play-act under construction by Zenefits alums .)

The American healthcare market is enormous, profitable and fraught with inefficiencies and antiquated technology. And the insurance portion of the healthcare busines is similarly titanic and separated, plying an outsize opportunity for a startup that can navigate its politics and peculiar needs with a technology solution able to help incumbents speed up, and save money.

The Series A

Noyo’s new funding event was led by Costanoa Ventures and Spark Capital. Prior investors Core Innovation Capital, Garuda Ventures, the Webb Investment Network, Precursor Ventures and Homebrew upped their investment in the new round.

Homebrew’s Satya Patel was talkative about the company in a comment provided to TechCrunch, trying to tell me that Noyo’s” engineering and tactical vision have persuasion major industry rulers to get on board right out of the entrance .” This ways with what the company has said, including that it has lined up new partnerships with insurance providers Ameritas and Humana.

Patel likewise noted that “Noyo is helping connect insurance companies and the growing ecosystem of insurtechs, ” a portion of the startup market that TechCrunch has worked to track in the last year as it has raised stacks of capital, seen illustrious liquidity and continues to drive headlines more recently.

A good question to ask startups that don’t lead their currency accounts near zero before fostering brand-new stores is why they conjured now. In Noyo’s case, I was curious what was the catalyzing influence for it to go out and heighten more capital.

Goggin said that Noyo had located “really good signal and getaway from our early clients and partners.” That, working in partnership with what she described as a “very clear sense of what we needed to do, and how we could accelerate bringing our future vision to life” were fairly for her team to say “alright, let’s settle down, this is working, let’s be able to make the large-scale swings.”

And thus the Series A came together.

Noyo has plans to keep hiring, with Goggin telling TechCrunch that her company is currently around 20 parties, but will be around 30 by the time 2021 knocks off. She added that “the nice thing” about her brand-new uppercase promote is that her startup won’t have “a staffing constraint” when it wants to “roll out a new product.”

The pace at which Noyo builds, then, should accelerate.

Which, in turn, should relent more revenue increment. Goggin cautioned that Noyo is not aiming for profitability but is, at the same time, “a real business with a viable model.” The Series A stagecoach is generally a bit early to press benefactors on rise metrics, as most won’t share unless they are outlier-good. But gaily, by the time that Noyo elevates a Series B, it should have enough revenue history for some helpful year-over-year similarities, and the authorities concerned will ask for them.

The Noyo round is another data point that API-delivered startups are seeing good sell traction, and that investors are taking notice. Expect to hear from a few more related companionships in the next few weeks if my inbox is any indicator of what’s coming up.

What’s driving API-powered startups forward in 2020 ?

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