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The long-rumored OLED-equipped Nintendo Switch is finally real! But it’s not quite the refurbish we were expecting. For months, reports claimed a “Switch Pro” would also deliver some kind of 4K upscaling capability and faster performance. But this new model, which will sell for $ 350 when it’s secreted on October 8th, doesn’t disappear virtually that far. Instead, it’s more of a minor step forward that sets a few of the Switch’s original intend blunders, but doesn’t dramatically modify information systems. And you know what? That’s fine.

If you’ve been following Nintendo for any amount of experience, it shouldn’t be surprising that the company isn’t certainly interested in joining a spcs hasten. Let Sony and Microsoft duke it out for 4K predominance — Nintendo can show there’s still plenty to love about plays in 1080p and below. Sticking with the same hardware also conveys developers don’t have to worry about splitting the Switch user base, an issue that’s affliction Nintendo organisations over the last few decades.( Was the New 3DS actually worth it ?)

The global chip shortage may have foiled Nintendo’s plans to stuff better hardware in this Switch, as well. The organisation currently abuses a custom-made form of NVIDIA’s Tegra X1 system-on-a-chip, which was quietly modernized in 2019 to increase the console’s battery life. According to various reports, Nintendo was exploring docked 4K upscaling using NVIDIA’s DLSS technology, which operations AI managing to bump lower-resolution textures up to something that examinations far sharper. But that technology would have asked an updated Tegra chip that brought over some of the hardware from NVIDIA’s recent RTX GPUs. That’s not an hopeless duty, but it’s one that may have compelled more office than NVIDIA was able to accomplish during the hellscape of 2020( at least, while keeping the final overhead reasonable ).

Nintendo OLED SwitchNintendo

That doesn’t mean dreams of a 4K-capable Switch are dead; it’s just something we’ll have to wait a year or two to see. Nintendo would also need to add more RAM to the Switch so it could better handle the 1080 p textures required for DLSS upscaling. That’s not easy to do with the system’s meager 4GB of RAM, so a future console would need 6GB or 8GB. And don’t forget, Nintendo too needs to balance delivering solid battery life with the Switch in handheld mode, so it needs to be careful about shoving in demanding brand-new hardware.

For proprietors of the original Switching, or immigrants to the platform, this OLED model still seems like an tempting refurbish. The big screen realizes the system look more modern, with less of a chunky spectacle bezel. OLED will likewise do competitions search dramatically better, peculiarly while playing outside in direct sunlight. There’s also a wider kickstand, same to the one of the Microsoft Surface tablets, which should move portable frisk a lot more stable. There’s likewise 64 GB of internal storage, up from 32 GB, and “enhanced audio, ” which could just refer to better loudspeakers. Nintendo isn’t getting very specific there.

Nintendo OLED SwitchNintendo

And if you’re really into online multiplayer, you’ll likely increase the Ethernet port built into the OLED Switch’s dock.( And if that’s the prime reap for you, Nintendo says the dock is also compatible with the old Switch examples .) Due to the larger screen, though, Nintendo says the OLED Switch may run into issues with some Labo kits and other games.

I get it, $350 done a lot to shell out for a slightly better Switch. That’s particularly true when you can get the disc-less PlayStation 5 for $399, or the full PS5 and Xbox Series X for $499. But for Nintendo diehards, the improvements are definitely daring. Only don’t be surprised if the company aims up slipping the 4K-capable Switch during the 2022 holiday season.

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