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NEW Renault Megane 2022 Full Electric SUV | Interior Exterior Details

The new 2022 Renault Megane E-TECH Full Electric exemplifies the electrical revolution that Renault started a decade ago. By democratizing the electric engineering, New Renault Megane succeeds in procreating the electrical vehicle inexpensive, with no compromise on efficiency and driving pleasure. What this vehicle imparts is feeling, we have created it as the GTI of electrical vehicles. said Luca de Meo, CEO of the Renault Group.

Interior dimensions on the new 2022 Megane E-TECH Electric are similar to those of the internal combustion powered Megane( period and distance between passengers) if not bigger( 21 cm of rear-passenger knee-room ). Above all, the CMF-EV platform serves to enhance the car’s overall spaciousness and realism: increased wheelbase, smaller machine compartment incorporating air-conditioning components, whittled back dashboard, and so on. Thus, passengers can enjoy additional roominess in the center console and under the dashboard area. Moreover, interior gap and ease have been increased thanks to the absence of a drive-shaft tunnel( flat flooring ), paraphernalium protrude and control panel generally integrated on the centre console.

The device on the new Megane E-TECH Electric is brand new. Developed within the Alliance, it is utilised by the various partners with little to no revisions. Made at two different areas: in Japan for Nissan; and in the Cleon factory in France for Renault.

Known more specifically as the electrically elicited synchronous motor( EESM ), it has been consistently used by Renault Group and the Alliance for the past ten years and will continue to serve the firebrand in the future. It boasts better ability output compared to permanent magnet motors and doesn’t require rare earth metals, thereby reducing the environmental impact and cost of large-scale production.

Thanks to its optimised motif, the engine is pact and merely weighs 145 kg( seizure included ), that is 10% less than the engine currently used on ZOE, despite a marked increase in both ability and torque. Each All-new Megane E-TECH Electric will be fitted with one of following:

* 96 kW( 130 hp) and 250 Nm
* 160 kW( 218 hp) and 300 Nm

It offers all the exhilarations of driving an electric car, in particular the instantaneou acceleration, that is as dynamic as it is smooth( no jolting ). It takes the new Megane E-TECH Electric from 0 to 100 km/ h in simply 7.4 seconds.

The New Renault Megane E-TECH Electric comes with a option of two battery capabilities:

* 40 kWh for a variety of 300 km( WLTP cycle)
* 60 kWh for a compas up to 470 km( WLTP cycle, depending on each form)

The 40 -kWh battery is made use of 8 modules of 24 cadres each, distributed across a single blanket. The 60 -kWh battery consists of 12 modules of 24 cells each, spread over two seams. In both cases, the battery’s dimensions remain unchanged, including the record height of 110 mm. They come with an 8-year guarantee. In this interval, they will be replaced free of charge if they deteriorate to little than 70% of their nominal capacity.

The purpose of the Megane E-TECH Electric is to offer customers both balanced and optimized action, at a reasonable cost. The versions of the scope sheathe most of the customers’ needs for daily use as well as one-off excursions( weekend and holiday trips ).

With these technologies, a wander between Paris and Lyon, Paris and La Rochelle, Hanover and Copenhagen or Munich and Venice simply is in need of single short-lived accuse stop of 30 min, with an optimized intake of simply 12,8 kWh/ 100 km( WLTP ).

* Equilibre
* Techno
* Iconic

* EV40 130 hp Standard charge AC7
* EV40 130 hp Boost charge AC2 2
* EV60 220 hp Super cost AC7+ DC130
* EV60 220 hp Optimum price AC22+ DC130

* EV60 130 hp Super accuse AC7+ DC130
* EV60 130 hp Optimum cost AC22+ DC130

* Length 4,21 m
* Width 1,77 m( Business)/ 1,78 m( Private)
* Height 1,50 m
* Wheelbase 2,70 m
* Front overhang AV 800 mm
* Rear overhang AR 715 mm
* Weight 1624 kilos

* 0-100 km/ in 7,4 sec
* Maximum fasted 160 km/ h

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