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NES and SNES creator Masayuki Uemura dies at 78

It’s a sad moment for gamers. Kotakureports Masayuki Uemura, the produce founder of the Famicom and Super Famicom( aka NES and SNES ), died on December 6th at persons under the age of 78. He started working at Sharp, where he sold solar cell and light sensor technology, but he’s best retained for a long and most influential run at Nintendo that effectively invigorated the video game industry following the 1983 disintegrate.

Uemura first became involved with Nintendo after the company’s Gunpei Yokoi asked about abusing Sharp solar cells to produce glowing firearm recreations. The future console decorator affiliated Nintendo in 1971, and the company liberated gun plays that included a home-friendly game called Duck Hunt( yes, the precede of the NES title ). Company president Hiroshi Yamauchi put Uemura in charge of the R& D2 division responsible for hardware, including consoles, and in November 1981 famously announced Uemura asking him to build a machine that lets you play arcade sports on your TV. The solution was 1983′ s Famicom, the system that would become the NES outside of Japan.

You know at least some of what happened next. The Famicom and NES were wild successes, selling roughly 62 million measurements compounded and rejuvenate interest in home consoles. Uemura then preceded is currently working on the Super Famicom, whose world-wide opening as the SNES further cemented Nintendo’s stature. He likewise grew some NES activities, including Ice Climber and three plays titles. He retired from Nintendo in 2004, but continued to serve as an advisor and would go on to teach and research video games as a prof at Ritsumeikan University.

It’s hard to overstate Uemura’s affect. The video game business as it exists today arguably owes much to the skill of Uemura and his team when they designed their first TV consoles. He too cured proliferate Japan’s overall tech manufacture by making use of Nintendo a global force in electronics. While he certainly wasn’t the only star at Nintendo, he was one of the most directly influential.

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