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NASA injects $17M into four small companies with Artemis ambitions

NASA awards hundreds of thousands of dollars per year to small businesses through the SBIR program, but generally it’s a lot of tiny gives to hundreds of firms. Transgressing with precedent, today relevant agencies announced a brand-new multi-million-dollar funding track and its four first recipients, addressing urgent needs for the Artemis program.

The Small Business Innovation Research program has numerous patterns throughout the federal government, but it generally renders non-dilutive funding on the order of a few hundred thousand dollars over a couple of years to nudge a nascent engineering toward commercialization.

NASA has obtained, however, that there is a gap between the medium-size Phase II honors and Phase III, which is more like a full-on government contract; there are already ” Extended” and “Pilot” platforms that can provide up to an additional$ 1 million to promising corporations. But the facts of the case is space is expensive and time-consuming, and some need larger summing-ups to complete the tech that NASA has already indicated confidence in or a need for.

Therefore the creation of this new tier of Phase II award: less than a full contract would is tantamount to, but up to$ 5 million — nothing to sneeze at, and it comes with relatively few fibres attached.

The first four companies to collect a check from this new, as yet unnamed planned are all pursuing engineerings that will be of special give during the Artemis lunar goals 😛 TAGEND

Fibertek: Optical communications for big spacecraft that would help relay sizable amounts of data from lunar landers to Earth Qualtech Arrangement: Autonomous monitoring, fault-prevention and health management systems for spacecraft like the proposed Lunar Gateway and maybe other motor vehicles and habitats Pioneer Astronautics: Hardware to produce oxygen and steel from lunar regolith — if achieved, an fantastically helpful flesh of high-tech alchemy Protoinnovations: Traction control to improve handling of robotic and crewed rovers on lunar field

It’s important to note that these companies aren’t brand-new to the game — they have a long and ongoing relation with NASA, as SBIR awards come about over numerou years.” Each business has a track record of success with NASA, and we feel their engineerings will have a direct impact on the Artemis program ,” said NASA’s Jim Reuter in a news release.

The total awarded is $17 million, but NASA, citing current negotiations, could not be more specific about the outage except that the amounts awarded come between $2.5 million and$ 5 million per company.

I asked the agency for a bit more information on the brand-new platform and how companionships already in the SBIR system can apply to it or otherwise take advantage of the possibilities of, and will modernize this affix if I listen back.

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