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Modern Fertility’s $159 at-home test is revolutionizing fertility medicine

Their finger-prick technology impels birthrate experimenting immediate, cheap, and( virtually) painless.

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Modern Fertility began selling its $159 home fertility test last May, the first to appraise eight reproduction-related hormones from a finger-prick sample. Recent medical advances have formed finger-prick testing number for drug analysis, nutrition monitoring, and HIV screening, but it wasn’t widely applied to fertility testing until Modern Fertility and its partner labs extended studies that established the method’s accuracy for measuring target hormones. Previously, experiments for these hormones asked sucking blood and spending up to $1,500 at a clinic. Cofounder Afton Vechery said that he hoped that Modern Fertility’s cheap assessment is increasingly becoming” as routine as a pap smear ,” and plead not only to the one in six marries who have trouble seeing but to any woman interested in growing pregnant in the future.

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