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Mobile security startup Oversecured launches after self-funding $1 million, thanks to bug bounty payouts

You might not have heard of Sergey Toshin, but you should know his work.

Toshin is a 24 -year-old security researcher in Moscow who focuses largely on mobile app protection. With his knowledge of what different mobile security flaws looked like, Toshin improved a habit Android mobile app vulnerability scanner to quickly and automatically find vulnerabilities in an app’s system, he told TechCrunch.

The scanner succeeds by decompiling the Android app and running through the source code line-by-line — just as a human would — and identifying possible breaches in system where a vulnerability could be triggered. It takes a set of rules, which effectively describes different kinds of vulnerabilities, and sought for susceptible code that fulfils those conditions, Toshin said.

Once the scanner finishes, it spews out a report describing where the vulnerabilities are in the code.

It was using this scanner, which he developed over the course of the last two years, that he was able to speed up the procedure for its detect bugs.

” To participate in a flaw reward, I would just download the app and follow the vulnerabilities identified in the vulnerability report ,” he said.

In August, he revealed details of an Android vulnerability that allowed malicious apps to steal sensitive used data from other apps on the same device. Two weeks later, he ceased details of a defect in TikTok’s Android app that could have led to hijacking of user accounts.

These are just two out of hundreds of security faults he has reported to fellowships through their bug bounty platforms, a room for researchers to warn corporations of potential matters while getting paid for their findings.

” It followed to me to propel a startup and begin curing other firms find vulnerabilities in their portable apps ,” Toshin told TechCrunch.

One of the vulnerability scanner’s reports for the purposes of an Android app.( Image: Oversecured)

And that’s how Oversecured was founded. But how Toshin funded his startup was somewhat unconventional.

What’s unusual about Oversecured is not that it’s self-funded, but it propelled out of a product that effectively paid for itself. Toshin webbed more than$ 1 million in glitch bonus in a year using his scanner, in large side thanks to Google’s security compensations platform, which compensates protection investigates far more for security defects found in Android apps with over 100 million installs.

Oversecured is not yet productive, but Toshin has also not made any venture-backed funding to date. The fellowship now has about five developers, as well as designers and translators as all efforts focus on building and improving the scanner.

The startup so far exclusively supports searching Android apps. Toshin said the scanner is open to bug hunters and safety researchers, who can pay to scan each app — with five searches flung in for free.

But Toshin is gambling large-hearted on allowing project customers to buy access to the scanner and fully integrated with its own development implements. Oversecured propelled its B2B offering last week, admitting app producers to integrate the scanner immediately into their existing app development processes to find defects during coding.

Toshin said that enterprise customers will soon get support for scanning Swift source code for iOS apps.

Oversecured meets a number of other established app insurance corporations in the room. But Toshin is confident that his technology stands among the crowd.

” It’s important to find everything ,” he said.

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