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Mind the gap: E-commerce marketers should revise their TAM and SAM estimates

Ashwin Ramasamy


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Ashwin Ramasamy is the co-founder of PipeCandy, an online seller diagram corporation that detects and analyzes business and consumer perception metrics about D2C labels and e-commerce companies.

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2021 is going to be another majestic time for e-commerce.

It is that time of its first year when the majority of members of us are looking back at the” total addressable busines” approximates be prepared for specific safaruss. Unlike us, if you had your 2021 kick off in Q3, bless your spirit. You are an instructed being.

For the rest of you, for whom e-commerce is a strategic market, I have a question — have you constructed your total addressable grocery( TAM) and serviceable addressable marketplace( SAM) estimates in respect of 2021 considering how things advanced in 2020?

It’s important to understand the underlying business sit dynamics of companies and visualize TAM from those views.

For most of us, research is a mind-numbing, repetition usage of clicking through associations on Google until they all turn purple — at which point we start searching the simplest possible reason. For e-commerce, addressable sell appraisals come in the form of headlines from pulpits like Shopify. The busines repeats a broker tally numeral in its earnings calls and that becomes the basis for guesstimating the current TAM of e-commerce companies.

The other, rather simplistic approach is to look at the user-base count from various databases that publish tech platform-level customer stats.

In reality, the simplest answer is not the right answer.

Thinker the breach

Let’s take e-commerce shopping cart installations. Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, BigCommerce and others publish installation lists that run into millions.

Here is the dichotomy that should make your TAM discussions.

E-commerce is long-tail ponderous. Yes, there are millions of merchants, but e-commerce revenue is a fat-tail phenomenon — meaning, a disproportionate quantity of e-commerce receipt comes from a few tens of thousands of companies.

PipeCandy publishes bottom-up TAM appraisals with detailed data reductions by engineering, logistics and pay system supports by conglomerates across revenue ranks across all major sells. One of the common misconceptions we see in how conglomerates misread TAM reckons is that they equate revenue to deplete potential.

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