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Microsoft launches new dev tools for building Windows 10X dual-screen experiences

At its Microsoft 365 Developer Day, Microsoft today debuted a number of new an instrument for makes who want to adapt their application to Windows 10 X, the company’s edition of Windows for dual-screen devices.

The highlight here is the launch of a Windows 10 X emulator, which countenances developers to preview what their implementation will look like on a dual-screen device. As of now, there’s no Windows 10 X hardware on the market, after all. Microsoft’s own Surface Neo and a number of maneuvers from various other manufacturers are slated to hit the market before the holidays, but by that time, Microsoft undoubtedly craves makes to be ready for this new consumer experience.

Microsoft notes that all current Windows employments will work on dual-screen devices by default — but in order to really make use of this new form factor, makes will have to adapt their applications for it. Currently, Microsoft is looking at three patterns for these applications: expansive workspaces that virtually expand an app across two screens, focused screens that keep the app onto one screen and its implements on another, and connected apps for worked two apps side-by-side for easier multitasking.

With the brand-new emulator and Preview SDK, developers will be able to see what works best for them.

The company too today purposed new JavaScript APIs and a CSS media query for helping developers who erect their apps expending HTML, CSS and JavaScript as PWA or WebViews to make use of the two screens of these brand-new designs. The firm says it’s working with the W3C to determine these a standard.” The destination is to enable you to build interoperable dual-screen know-hows across browsers and operating systems ,” Microsoft says.

Xamarin, Microsoft’s cross-platform development platform, is also getting dual-screen support in Xamarin.Forms, its UI toolkit, and the company is also acquiring React Native dual-screen modules available to developers.

The idea here is clearly to give developers the tools to figure out how to make use of these devices. While the company clearly has some theories for what it believes the best user experience will look like, it also wants to see what makes provided us with. It’s still early days for dual-screen Windows maneuvers, after all, and there is still time for Microsoft to learn from the ecosystem and adapt accordingly.

The company tells me that it still expects to deliver the new Surface hardware and Windows 10 X before the holiday season.

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